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Komik Superheroes and Supervillains Part 2: The Series


From Wikipedia: Captain Barbell is a fictional Filipino superhero created by Mars Ravelo. He first appeared in Pinoy Komiks #5 (1963).

The original version of Captain Barbell depicted him as shirtless because during the more whimsical comics age in the Philippines that occurred in the 1960s, (Silver Age), Mars Ravelo based the good Captain's look on circus strongmen, but with the addition of a mask. Since the original Enteng's look was a really thin guy in a tank top (emphasizing his bony features), it was decided that Captain Barbell's "shirtless circus strongman" look could provide a much more dramatic contrast to his mortal persona. Recent comics depicted him wearing a long-sleeved yellow shirt instead of being shirtless.

Early film versions of Captain Barbell made several excursions onto the big screen. Bob Soler apparently was the first to portray the Captain. Then, according to 'Bembot', Dolphy also starred the role in another Captain Barbell movie in the early sixties, filmed in black-and-white. His alter ego was called Ting-ting because he was so thin. Ting-ting is the rib of a coconut leaf which is used to make brooms.

1964 - Captain Barbell (D'Lanor Productions/FPJ Productions)

Director Herminio “Butch” Bautista Producer Fernando Poe Jr

Cast Dolphy (Tenteng), Bob Soler (Captain Barbell), Martin Marfil, Bert Olivar, Victor Bravo, Vic Varrion, Rebecca, Jay Ilagan

1965 – Captain Barbell Kontra Captain Bakal (People’s Pictures)

Director/Screenplay Ruben Rustia Producer Cirio H. Santiago Music Tito Arevalo

Cast Willie Sotelo (Captain Barbell), Nancy Roman (Joni), Carlos Padilla Jr (Dario), Aruray, Mona del Cielo, Marco Antonio, Mel Francisco, Danilo Jurado, Paquito Salcedo, Gerry Gabaldon, Johnny Long, Soraya, Roger Villar, Raul Ibarra, Carlos Moran, Ric Rolan, Rudy Romero, Ruben Rustia, Carol Varga

1973 - Captain Barbell Boom! (RVQ Productions)

Director Jose “Pepe” Wenceslao Writer Ading Fernando Music Ernani Cuenco Cinematography Manuel Bulotano

Cast Dolphy, Lotis Key, Panchito, Babalu, Katy de la Cruz, Bayani Casimiro, Martin Marfil, Georgie Quizon, Rocco Montalban, Joaquin Fajardo, Roldan Aquino, Max Vera, Zony Quizon, Er “Canton” Salazar, Maricel Soriano, Manny Tibayan, The Big 3 Sullivans, Conrado Baltazar, Vic Pinetrante

1986 - Captain Barbel (Viva Films)

Director Leroy Salvador Screenplay Jose Javier Reyes Based on the komik character by Mars Ravelo Executive Producer Vic del Rosario Jr Supervising Producer Tony Gloria Music Ricky Del Rosario

Cast Edu Manzano (Captain Barbell), Herbert Bautista (Tengteng), Lea Salonga (Rosemarie), Dennis da Silva, Beth Bautista (Gagamba), Bing Loyzaga, Sharon Cuneta (Darna), Leroy Salvador (Lolo), Nova Villa, Pinky Amador, Dina Bonnevie, Rez Cortez, Ricky Davao, Rosemarie Gil, Tonton Gutierrez, Vina Morales, Dencio Padilla, Mia Prats, Gladys Reyes, Jay-Jay Salvador (Rudy), Ruel Vernal

2003 - Captain Barbell (Premiere Entertainment Productions)

Director Mac Alejandre Story/Screenplay RJ Nuevas Executive Producer Cirio H. Santiago Producer William Leary Associate Producer Hermie Go Editor Danny Gloria Musical Director Gerdie Francisco Songs Composer Ogie Alcasid Cinematography Romy Vitug Sound Supervisor Arnold Reodica Production Designer Ronald Red Visual Effects Supervisor Dodge Ledesma Stunts Director Ronald Asinas Assistant Director Linnet Zurbano

Cast Ramon 'Bong' Revilla Jr (Captain Barbell), Ogie Alcasid (Enteng), Regine Velasquez (Cielo/Darna), Rufa Mae Quinto (Freezy/Rosella), Albert Martinez (Lagablab/Arnaldo), Jeffrey Quizon (Otoy/Dagampat), Snooky Serna (Belen), Emilio Garcia (Mr Tan), Carlo Maceda (Alvin), Antonio Aquitania (Efren), Sarah Geronimo (Mara, Enteng’s Sister), Bearwin Meily (Lobo), John Apacible (Gus), Goyong (Buyot), Gloria Diaz (Cielo’s Mom), Mikel Campos (Cielo’s Brother), Vanna Garcia (Snatcher Victim), “P.J.”/Christopher Malonzo (Lastikman), Tuesday Vargas (Gang/Cielo’s Co-Teacher), Mel Kimura (Lilibeth/Cielo’s Co-Teacher)

+++++++ DARNA +++++++

From the Official Darna website: The year was 1947 when the late Mars Ravelo created a superheroine named "Varga." She made her debut in Bulaklak Magazine Vol.4, Number 17 (Cover dated July 23, 1947) and became quite popular with readers everywhere. Varga was, in all things but name, the woman we now know as Darna. Her mortal identity is a little girl named "Narda" (a name Mars Ravelo based on a childhood playmate he once had as a boy). She stood up for the weak, battling common criminals as well as evil in superhuman form. "Varga" was both written and illustrated by her creator whose artistic style resembled the cartoons of Max Fleischer Studios in the early 20th Century

Darna's breath-taking adventures was first serialized in the pages of Pilipino comics # 77, which pitted her against the sultry snake "goddess"- Valentina. Darna quickly continued her popularity among Filipino comic book readers. But Darna only began being a household name the following year. On May 31, 1951 Filipinos witnessed the first marvelous live action flight of Darna, in Fernando Poe Senior's Royal films production- "DARNA" starring Manila's golden age movie queen Rosa Del Rosario as Darna and Cristina Aragon as Valentina, while Mila Nimfa portrayed Narda. The movie was a huge box office success. From then on there was no stopping Darna. Numerous hit movies and TV shows were made and only portarayed by the Philippines' biggest stars. Endless versions of Darna were also serialized in different comic books.

Darna's powers include flight, super strength, super speed and near invulnerability. The winged medallion on her helmet also emits a powerful "concussion ray" and the medallions that make up her belt can be used like throwing stars (shuriken). In the 2005 TV series, she also has heat vision. Narda transforms into Darna, and vice versa, by shouting out their respective names. First, however, Narda has to swallow the white stone, which conveniently comes out of her mouth every time Darna changes back into herself. However, it was not so in her original incarnation…

1951 – Darna (Royal Films)

Director Fernando Poe [Sr] Music Constancio de Guzman

Cast Rosa Del Rosario (Darna), Ben Perez, Manuel Ubaldo (Ding), Mila Nimfa (Narda), Cristina Aragon (Valentina), Elena Mayo, Leonora Ruiz

1952 - Darna At Ang Babaing Lawin/“Darna And The Hawkwoman” (Royal Films)

Director Carlos Vander Tolosa Music Lucio San Pedro

Cast Rosa Del Rosario (Darna), Elvira Reyes (Babaing Lawin), Ben Rubio, Mila Nimfa (Narda), Manuel Ubaldo (Ding), Rafael Jimenez, Zony Quizon, Andres Benitez, Africa de la Rosa, Corazon Rivas, Santos Gallardo

1963 - Si Darna At Ang Babaeng Impakta/“Darna and the Evil Twins” [also known as Si Darna At Ang Impakta, Darna vs Impakta] (People’s Pictures)

Director Danilo H. Santiago [incorrectly listed on IMDB as Salazar] Screenplay Ruben Rustia Music Tony Maiquez

Cast Liza Moreno (Darna), Jose Padilla Jr, Carlos Salazar, Daisy Romualdez, Gina Alonzo (Roma), Menggay, Juliet Pardo [listed on IMDB as Prado], Paquito Salcedo (Impakta), Poleng Mendoza [listed on IMDB as Mendiola], Francisco Cruz, Felisa Salcedo, Danilo Jurado (Ding), Ben Sanchez, Amelia Memije, Miriam Senoram

1963 - Isputnik vs. Darna (Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions)

Director Natoy B. Catindig [IMDB lists Armando Garces as co-director]

Cast Liza Moreno (Darna), Nida Blanca (Isputnik), Tony Ferrer, Arnold Mendoza, Mila Montanez, Vicente Liwanag, Dencio Padilla, Danilo Jurado, Jay Ilagan, Victor Bravo, Manolo Robles, Chito Dedesma, Rebecca, Max Alvarado, Jess Lapid, Francisco Cruz, Bino Garcia, Nort Nepomuceno, Greg Lansang, Wilfredo del Rogario

1965 - Darna At Ang Babaing Tuod/“Darna And The Tree Monster” (People’s Pictures/Premiere Productions)

Director Cirio H. Santiago Screenplay Ruben Rustia Music Tony Maiquez

Cast Eva Montes (Darna), Gina Alonzo (Lucila/Lucy), Nancy Roman (Angela), Tito Galla (Rodrigo), Anita Linda (Marta), Ruben Rustia (Gaspar), Aruray (Aruray), Georgie Quizon (Apiong), Oscar Roncal, Renato Robles, Tommy Romulo [Coney Angeles listed elsewhere as Narda]

1969 – Si Darna At Ang Planetman/“Darna And The Planetman” (VP Pictures)

Director Marcelino D. Navarro

Cast Vic Vargas (The Planetman), Gina Pareno (Darna), Boots Anson Roa (Cynthia), Cesar Ramirez (Bernardo Carpio), Gina Alajar (Narda), Boy Alajar (Ding), Bella Flores, Nenita Juno, Renato del Prado, Randy Pimentel, Rey Tomenes, Ven Medina, Aring Bautista, Naty Mallares, Willie Dado, Evelyn Bonifacio, Linda Martin, Joy del Sol

1973 – Lipad, Darna, Lipad!/“Fly, Darna, Fly!” (Sine Pilipino)

Directors Emmanuel Borlaza, Elwood Perez, Joey Gosiengfiao Executive Producer Victor Gosiengfiao Music Demet Velasquez, Jonas Sebastian Cinematography Rodolfo Dino Special Effects Tommy Marcelino Makeup & Prosthetics Ernie Carvajal

Cast Vilma Santos (Darna/Narda), Gloria Romero (Babaing Impakta, or Miss Luna), Celia Rodriguez (Babaing Ahas/Valentina), Liza Lorena (Babaing Lawin/Hawk Woman), Eddie Garcia, Marissa Delgado, Ernie Garcia, Dick Israel, Ruel Vernal, Angie Ferro, Angelito (Ding), Nanette Lizares, Rod Dasco, Cloyd Robinson, Mary Walter, Adul de Leon, Bobby Roldan, Edgar Oira, Karlo Vero, Francisco Cruz, Chanda Romero, Gilda Gomez, Ellen Esguerra, Oskar Peralta, Urduja, Louie Acosta

1973 - Darna And The Giants (Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions)

Director/Screenplay Emmanuel H. Borlaza Cinematography Ben Lobo Special Effects Tommy Marcelino Second Unit Cameraman Fermin Pagsisihan Fight Sequence Directors Leody M. Diaz, Romy V. Susara Stunt Co-Ordinator Danny Rojo

Cast Vilma Santos (Darna/Narda), Helen Gamboa (X3X), Loretta Marquez, Rosanna Marquez, Divina Valencia, Romeo Miranda, Cesar Ramirez, Zandro Zamora, Max Alvarado, “Katy”/Kathy de la Cruz, Don Don Nakar (Ding), Renato Robles, Protacio Dee, Chris “Buddha” Cruz, Jing Caparas, SOS Daredevils [“Special Guests” may include Ike Lozada, Florence Aguilar]... The Planet Men: Greg Lozano, Ricky Valencia, Dave Esguerra, Robert Miller, Karlo Vero... The Planet Women: Lorelei, Carina Zawalsky, Lorna Locsin, Nita Lincoln, Elizabeth Vaughn, Christie Soriano

1975 - Darna vs The Planet Women (Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions)

Director/Screenplay Armando Garces Music Carding Cruz Cinematography Botong de Guzman

Cast Vilma Santos (Darna), Rosanna Ortiz (Elektra), Eva Linda, Lita Vasquez, Lieza Zobel, Diana Villa, Zandro Zamora, Bentot Jr (Ding)

1979 – Darna, Kuno…?/“Darna, Fake….?” (Regal Films)

Director/Story Luciano B. Carlos Screenplay Toto Belano, Luciano B. Carlos Executive Producer Lily Monteverde Project Co-ordinator Douglas Quijano Stunt Co-ordinator Jay Grama Music Ernani Cuenco

Cast Dolphy, Lotis Key, Marissa Delgado, Tita de Villa, Romy Nario, Tonio Gutierrez, Dray Dadivas, Karlo Vero, Brenda del Rio (Darna), German Moreno (St Peter), Sandy Garcia, Christopher de Leon, Bella Flores, Celia Rodriguez, Charo Valdez, Rio Locsin, Lily Miraflor, Ruel Vernal, ER “Canton” Salazar, Jimmy Santos

1979 - Bira! Darna, Bira! (MBM Productions)

Director Tito Sanchez Producer/Story “ACM” [other sources list producer as Baby Martinez] Screenplay Johnny Pangilinan Cinematography J.Q. Monteloyola Music Totoy Nuke

Cast Rio Locsin (Darna/Narda), Romnick [Sarmienta] (Ding), Rez Cortez, Ruel Vernal, Dino Kortes, Veronica Jones, Renato del Prado, Mike Cohen, Robert Miller, Moody Diaz, Angel Confiado, Romy Nario, Rey Tomenes, Baldo Marro, Renen de Guia, Arlene Sison, Vangie Valdez, Lanie Francisco, Roger Saulog, Ernie Forte, Cezar Esguerra, Jose Padilla IV, Tony Concepcion, Vic Santos, Eddie Mac, Joe Balagtas, Vic Marra, Fanny Serrano

1980 - Darna At Ding/“Darna And Ding” (D’Wonder Films)

Directors J. Erastheo Navoa, Cloyd Robinson Producer D’Wonder Films Story & Screenplay J. Erastheo Navoa, Cloyd Robinson Based on characters by Mars Ravelo Director of Photography Hermo V. Santos Editor Eduardo “Boy” Jarlego Production Designer Arthur Nicdao

Cast Vilma Santos (Darna/Narda), Nino Muhlach (Ding), Panchito Alba (Narda’s Father), Max Alvarado (Giant), Bayani Casimiro, Rez Cortez, Marissa Delgado (Dr Irene Vontesberg), Paquito Diaz (Escaped Prisoner #1), Mooody? Moddy? Diaz, Angie Ferro, Teroy de Guzman (Zombie), Lando Perez Jacob, Veronica Jones (Babaing Lawin/Hawk Woman), Ike Lozada (DJ), Lily Miraflor, German Moreno (Dr Vontesberg’s Zombie Assistant), Avel Morado, Palito (Chinese Restaurant patron #1), Don Pepot, Andy Poe (Andy, Escaped Prisoner #2), Celia Rodriguez (Lei Ming), Danny Rojo, Jimmy Santos, Buddy Salvador, Rudi Soriano, Tsing Tong Tsai, Donna Villa, Al Tantay (Harry) [Wikipedia lists Er "Canton" Salazar & Tonette Macho, both not listed in credits]

1991 – Darna (Viva Films)

Director Joel Lamangan Story Eddie Rodriguez, Bey Vito Screenplay Frank G. Rivera Producer William Leary Executive Producer Vic del Rosario Jr Supervising Producer Eric Cuatico Musical Director Willy Cruz Cinematography Ramon Marcelino Sound Supervision Rolly Ruta Editor Ike Jarlego Jr Assistant Director Bey Vito Associate Producer Edith Manuel Assistant to the Executive Producer Sandy Santamaria Production Designer Benjie de Guzman Costume Designer Ernest Santiago Associate Editor Marya Ignacio Production Manager Lydia de Leon

Cast Nanette Medved (Narda/Darna), Nida Blanca, Edu Manzano (Dominico Lipolico), Pilar Pilapil (Valentina), Tonton Gutierrez, Bing Loyzaga (Impakta), Dennis Padilla, Atong Redillas, Donna Cruz, Tony Lambino, Dencio Padilla, Errol Dionisio, Archi Adamos, Ray Ventura, Boy Roque, Jun Hidalgo, Jim Pebanco, Carmi Matic, Guila Alvarez, Roland Montes, Rachel Alejandro (Donna), Herbert Bautista, Manny Castaneda, Joko Diaz, Keempee de Leon, IC Mendoza, Jinky Oda, Oscar Peralta, Amy Perez, Cherrie Pie Picache, Daria Ramirez, Ricardo Reynoso, Sylvia Sanchez, Raymart Santiago, Jimmy Santos, Jeffrey Veloso, Mary Walter [IMDB also lists Vina Morales, “Anna Marie Falcon”/Francine Prieto (Young Narda), Lorli Villanueva (Darna's Mother)]

1994 - Darna Ang Pagbabalik/“Darna The Return” (Viva Family Entertainment)

Directors/Writers Peque Gallaga, Lore Reyes Executive Producer Vic del Rosario Jr Associate Producer Teddy del Rosario Managing Producer Ricky del Rosario Musical Director Archie Castillo Supervising Producer Fred Samantela Art Direction Juliet Nanola Fetalve Editor Danny Gloria Visual Effects Monching Reyes Crew and Equipment Coordinator Oli Laperal Jr Production Manager Pong de Leon First Assistant Director Jerome Pobocan Second Assistant Director/Casting Director Jerry Lopez Sineneng Stunt Director Boy Salvador Prosthetics Supervisor Benny Batoctoy

Cast Anjanette Abayari (Darna/Narda), Edu Manzano (Max), Cherie Gil (Valentine), Pilita Corrales (Valentina), Rustom Padilla (Pol), Bong Alvarez (Magnum), Lester Llansang (Ding), Eva Ramos (L300 Noisy Mother), Pen Medina (Barangay Captain), Jemanine Campanilla (Pia), Romy Romulo (Valentine’s Driver), Jun Achaval/Dwight Gaston (Pilots), Jinky Laurel (Bank Teller), Chiquixeres Burgos (Governor), Bong Regala (Army Lieutenant), Noel Carpio (Police Sargeant), Mel Kimura/Justine Dee/Elsa de Venecia/Marissa de Guzman/Demi Alvarez (Valentine’s Assistants), Lilia Cuntapay (Old Valentina), Eugene Enriquez (Welder), Michelle Rufo (Eazy)

++++++ DYESEBEL ++++++

From Wikipedia: Dyesebel is a popular mermaid character in the Philippines. The comic book character was originally conceived by the Filipino comic book illustrator, Mars Ravelo. Dyesebel is a prominent character in Philippine cinema and television.

In the Philippines, the lore of Dyesebel began with the story of a girl born to a mermaid- obsessed Filipino mother. Whilst pregnant, Dyesebel 's mother obsessively looked at a collection of mermaid pictures from a calendar which eventually affected the infant's form when it was born with a fishtail instead of normal human lower extremities. Dyesebel's father, angered by his child's deformity, wanted to abandon the child, only to be hindered by a bolt of lightning during a typhoon. To avoid the stigma of having a mermaid child, the couple decided to leave their village and relocate where they can raise Dyesebel in secret, hidden from prying eyes.

The mermaid Dyesebel eventually met other mermaids while spending time by the seashore, and through her sea adventures, she comes into contact with Diangga, a sea-witch who had the power to transform sea-creatures like Dyesebel into normal humans. Dyesebel fell in love with a normal human man. But after her secret of being a mermaid was exposed, it prompted the jealous former girlfriend of the man with whom Dyesebel was in love, to kidnap Dyesebel and place her in a carnival. Dyesebel was later saved by her human lover. Diangga, the sea-witch, eventually transformed Dyesebel into a permanent female human with normal lower extremities.

1953 - Dyesebel (Premiere Productions/Manuel Vistan Jr.)

Director Gerardo de Leon Producer Manuel Vistan Jr

Cast Jaime de la Rosa, Carol Varga, Fernando Royo, Edna Luna (Dyesebel)

1964 - Anak Ni Dyesebel (People’s Pictures)

Director Gerardo de Leon Screenplay Jose F. Sibal Music Tito Arevalo

Cast Jaime dela Rosa (Fredo), Edna Luna (Dyesebel), Carol Varga (Betty), Aruray, Eddie Fernandez, Jose Cris Soto, Eva Montes (Alona), Miriam Jurado, Jose Garcia, Paquito Salcedo, Felisa Salcedo, Marvin Molina, Connie Angeles, Lani Gentica

1973 - Dyesebel [aka Si Dyesebel At Ang Mahiwagang Kabibe] (Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions)

Director Emmanuel H. "Maning" Borlaza Based on the komik by Mars Ravelo Sound Supervision Angel Avellana Sound Technician Jun Ella Field Soundman Lazaro Guinto Music Tito Arevalo Lab Technician Exequiel Betis Printers Jaime Ranches, Lina Evangelista Assistant Cameraman Johnny Araojo Assistant Film Editors Boy Salvador, Ferdie Salvador

Cast Vilma Santos ( Dyesebel), Divina Valencia, Mina Aragon, Rossana Marquez, Ike Lozada, German Moreno, Christina Reyes, Eva Linda, Janet Clemente, Mildred Ortega, Desiree Destreza, Chanda Romero, Joseph Sytangco, Geena Zablan, Patria Plata, Romeo Miranda (Fredo), Ricky Valencia, Cris Santos, Greg Lozano, Doming Viray, Romy Luartes, Oscar Zaldivar, SOS Daredevils, Hermie Esguerra, Burke Perdez, Lito Calzado

1978 - Dyesebel [aka Sisid Dyesebel Sisid]

Director Maning Borlaza

Cast Alma Moreno (Dyesebel), Mat Ranillo III, Gloria Sevilla, Nova Villa, German Moreno, Bella Flores

1997 - Dyesebel (Regal Films)

Director Mel Chionglo

Cast Alice Dixson (Dyesebel), Richard Gomez (Edward), Nadia Montenegro (Malou), Carmina Villaroel (Young Dyesebel), Dennis Roldan, Robert Ortega (Young Edward), Lawrence Pineda, Chat Silayan, Perla Bautista, Malou de Guzman (Marina), Flora Gasser, Vangie Labalan, Judy Ann Santos (Child Dyesebel), Harvey Vizcara

1999 - Dyesebel (Viva Films)

Director/Writer Emmanuel H. Borlaza Executive Producer Vic del Rosario Jr Producer William C. Leary Music Nonong Buencamino Editor Danny Gloria Production Design Ben Payumo Sound Engineer Jun Martinez Sound Supervisor Ramon Reyes

Cast Charlene B. Gonzales (Dyesebel), Matthew Mendoza (Fredo), Jacklyn Jose, Gary Estrada (Juno), Julio Diaz, Gloria Diaz, Albert Martinez, Maritoni Fernandez, Kristine Garcia, Dindi Gallardo (Bangenge), Charina Scott (Young Dyesebel), Marita Zobel, Mia Prats (Mermaid #1), Susan Lozada (Mermaid #2), Glydel Mercado (Mermaid #3), Rufa Mae Quinto (Mermaid #4), Anna Bautista (Mermaid #5), Roi Rodrigo (Merman #2), Gino Ilustre (Merman #1), Roy De Guzman, Vivian Lorraine, Don Pepot (Mang Kiko), Rudy Ramirez, Romero Rivera, Boy Roque


From Video 48: Filipinos in the 60s were already swooning and rooting for a local Pinoy superhero even before Marvel legendary comic superhero Spiderman and another Pinoy superhero Captain Barbell came into being. The character, Gagamba, created by Virgilio and Nestor Redondo was first serialized in Tagalog Klasiks in 1962. It was introduced into the silver screen the same year in the movie titled Bakas ng Gagamba. Action star Bernard Bonnin, after a successful stint as Alyas Palos portrayed the role of Alyas Gagamba. It was followed by two sequels: Palos Konta Gagamba (1963) and Ang Lihim ni Gagamba (1964).

1963 - Bakas Ng Gagamba (Dalisay Pictures) GAGAMBA #1

Director Tony Santos Story Virgilio Redondo Screenplay Greg Macabenta Music F. Buencamino Jr

Cast Bernard Bonnin, Robert Campos, Von Serna, Lourdes Medel, Luz Valdez, Linda Montesa, Miguel Lopez, Kulas Kaltas, Mario Roldan, Narding Pineda, Vic Cabrera, Mario Paje, Jose Corazon de Jesus Jr

1963 – Palos Kontra Gagamba (Dalisay Pictures) GAGAMBA #2

Director/Screenplay Tony Santos Story Virgilio & Nestor Redondo Music F. Buencamino Jr

Cast Bernard Bonnin, Lourdes Medel, Luz Valdez, Miguel Lopez, Narding Pineda, Kulas Kaltas, Mario Roldan, Ely Ventuz, Vic Cabrera, Malony Antonio, Og Jarlego, Willie Sotelo, Robert Campos, Von Serna, Mila Ocampo, Linda Montesa, Patricia Mijares, Adolfo Sierra, Jenny Arce

1963 - Ang Lihim Ni Gagamba (Dalisay Pictures Inc) GAGAMBA #3

Director/Screenplay Tony Santos Story Virgilio Redondo, Nestor Redondo Music F. Buencamino Jr

Cast Bernard Bonnin, Lourdes Medel, Robert Campos, Perla Bautista, Jenny Arce, Miguel Lopez, Angel Confiado, Narding Fineda, Jerry Reyes, Mario Boldan, Willie Angeles, Rita Gonzales, Hercules

1969 – Gagamba At Si Scorpio/“Spider And The Scorpion" (Regina Productions/GR Films)

Director/Producer George Rowe Story Virgilio Redondo based on his Alcala Komiks serial

Cast Bernard Bonnin, Eddie Fernandez, Loretta Marquez, Vic Silayan, Bert Olivar, Rolly Aquino, Nora Nunez, Rodolfo “Boy” Garcia (Diaboliko), Sancho Tesalona, Lope Policarpio, Ariston Bautista, Rudy Dominguez, Tiva Lava, Abelardo Dacer, Darmo Urbase, Joe Canlas, Pete Andal, Benny Mallari, Mike Lozano, Ralbon Bustamante, Tessie Concepcion, Prospero Luna, Milo Castelo, Jun Santos

+++++ KAPITAN KIDLAT +++++

From Wikipedia: Kapitan Kidlat, a creation of Atty. Leonardo P. Abutin, was a very popular radio program in the Philippines in the 50's. Inocencio Santos was a shy and humble man who worked at a police station, until he was granted incredible powers by Zeus, "the Supreme God", to aid the innocent and helpless against criminals. By uttering the phrase "Kapitan Kidlat Ngayon" ("Captain Lightning Now"), he would transform into the heroic Kapitan Kidlat. After almost a year in production, Kapitan Kidlat The Movie was finally completed and shown in April 1953. This was the hardest movie ever made at that time because special effects has to be done in a very ingenious ways. For the first time, the Filipino people was able to see their favorite radio superhero in action. Kapitan Kidlat The Movie was a combination of suspense, romance and adventures. The shy and humble Inocencio Santos, an employee in a Police Station would turn into Kapitan Kidlat whenever he uttered the phrase "Kapitan Kidlat... Ngayon".

1953 – Kapitan Kidlat (LVN Pictures)

Director Oscar del Rosario

Cast Armando Goyena (Kapitan Kidlat/Inocencio Santos), Evelyn Villar (Linda Garcia), Milagros Naval (Thania Robles), Eusebio Gomez (Bruno Macaraeg), Jose Vergara (Dr Svengali), Oscar del Rosario (Ten. Nio Ramos), Miguel Lopez (Sarhento Tony), Mario Roldan (Amdong), Melandro Ramos (Ramon)

1954 - Kidlat… Ngayon!/“Lightning....Today!” (LVN Pictures)

Director Oscar del Rosario

Cast Armando Goyena (Kapitan Kidlat/Inocencio Santos), Evelyn Villar, Alfonso Carvajal, Oscar del Rosario, Jose Corazon De Jesus, Casmot, Carmencita Abad, Arturo Moran, Miguel Lopez, Florentino Garcia, Helen Nazario, Menandro Ramos (Ramon)

1981 – Kapitan Kidlat (Premiere Productions)

Director Emmanuel Borlaza Writers Jose Dalisay, Ed Maranan Editor Edgardo "Boy" Vinarao Music N. Buencamino Cinematography Ben Lobo

Cast Carlo Gabriel, Dranreb, Elizabeth Oropesa, Chanda Romero [one source lists Bernard Belleza]

++++++ LASTIKMAN ++++++

From Wikipedia: Lastikman is a fictional character and superhero created by Filipino comics legend Mars Ravelo. Lastikman debuted in komics format - certainly in Aliwan Komiks (1964).

In the 1965 comic "Lastik Man Vol. 1", Lastik Man was an alien from another planet who somehow got trapped on earth. Lastikman then decided to fight crime in the Philippines, mainly Manila.

In the 2003 Movie version, Young Hilario is near a rubber tree when a meteor strikes it, and somehow gains powers of elasticity. His grandfather inspires him to use his new found powers to do good deeds, and thus honour the memories of his dead parents. Hilario grows up to become a Professor in physics, and also the superhero Lastikman.

In the 2004 movie version, young Adrian - a lanky teen-ager whose father became a drunkard after the death of his mother - was mauled to death by illegal loggers whom he prevented from cutting the trees in the forest. He was left lifeless under a rubber tree, which revived him and gave him special power.

1965 – Lastik Man (Vonabille Productions/Luzon Productions)

Director/Screenplay Richard Abelardo Based on the Aliwan Komiks serial by Mars Ravelo

Cast Von Serna (Lastik Man), Lyn D’Amour, Bella Flores, Matimtiman Cruz, Nancy Weber, Martin Marfil, Malony Antonio, Rod Evans, Boy Pangilinan, Flor Bien, Ike Jarlego Jr, Silvio Aruray Ramiro, Robert Ravel, Jose Vergara, Salvador Zaragosa [other sources list Aruray]

2003 - Lastikman (OctoArts Films/M-Zet Productions)

Director/Writer Tony Y. Reyes Executive Producers “Marvic”/Vic Sotto, Orly Ilacad Music “Elhmer T”/Elhmir Saison Cinematography Ely Cruz Editor Fiona Borres Production Design [Ruben] Arthur Nicdao, Neal 'Buboy' Tan Sound Engineer Ross Diaz, Addis Tabong Digital Compositor Dayan M. Enriquez Visual Effects Supervisor Dodge Ledesma

Cast Vic Sotto (Larry/Lastikman), Donita Rose (Linda), Michael V (Junie Lee), Jeffrey Quizon (Stryker/Jepoy), Michelle Bayle (Carina), Anne Curtis (Young Linda), Ryan Eigenmann (Ryan), Elizabeth Oropesa (Mrs. Orozco), Evangeline Pascual (Remedios), Joonee Gamboa (Lolo Pablo), Oyo Boy Sotto (Young Hilario), Joey de Leon (Elmer), Stephen Claude Goyong, Dindin Llarena, Nelson Evangelista, Val Sotto, Rudy Meyer, Richard “Merk”/Merck, Pocholo Montes, Maureen Mauricio, Eugene Domingo, Joanne Salazar, Danny Labra, Wahoo Sotto, Mike Gayoso, Gerald Ejercito, Mike Vergel, Greg “Rucero”/Rocero, Boy Ranay, Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola, Nadine Schmidt, La Bacci, Jopay Paguia, Minnie Aguilar, “Mark”/Marc Solis, Koby Domingo, Jay-Are Reyes, Lyndon Jero, The Ascension Band, Joey Galvez, Tomy Olivar, Rey Buar, Nonong de Andres, Torling Pader, Buddy Dator, Onchie Dela Cruz, Argie Gutierrez, Jett Sahara, Brad Sta. Ana

2004 - Mars Ravelo's Lastikman: Unang Banat (Viva Films)

Director Mac Alejandre Story Wali Ching Screenplay R.J. Nuevas Producers Veronique Del Rosario-Corpus, Vicente G. del Rosario III Supervising Producer Brenda M. Bayhon Executive Producer Vic del Rosario Jr Associate Producer Hermie Go Music Ogie Alcasid, Gerdie Francisco Cinematography Regiben Romana Editor Kelly Cruz Production Design Ronald Red Costume Design Arnold Limjoco Prosthetic Make-Up Artists Rene Abelardo, Sonny Abelardo Production Manager Boy Velasco Assistant Director Gene Rose Singson Second Assistant Director Dante Javier Visual Effects Director Fel Rodolfo Compositor Richard Francia Stunts Ronald Asinas Gaffer Pusong Bughaw Costume Supervisor Irma Franco-Limjoco

Cast Mark Bautista (Lastikman/Adrian Rosales), Sarah Geronimo (Lara Manuel), Cherie Gil (Lastika), John Estrada (Taong Aso), Danilo Barrios (Reden/Taong Aso), Elizabeth Oropesa, Joel Torre, Mark Gil, Bearwin Meily, Tuesday Vargas, Mikel Campos, Bobby Andrews, Marky Lopez, Vanna Garcia, Ella V, J.C. Parker, Salbakuta [Charlie Mac, Mad Killah, Ben Deatha], Harold Macasero, John Vladimir Manalo, Kristel Fulgar, Atherna Tibi, Genevieve Villabrosa, Jon C. Borjal, Mel Kimura (Teacher), Vangie Labalan (Delia), Crystal Moreno (Crystal), Boy Roque (Werewolf), Tessie Villarama (Lola)

+++++ PALOS “THE EEL” +++++

From Wikipedia: Palos is a popular komiks character created by the brothers Nestor Redondo and Virgilio Redondo. Palos first appeared in Tagalog Klasiks in 1961 in a komiks serial titled Alyas Palos There were many serials that followed after his first appearance in Tagalog Klasiks.

Palos took his name from the tagalog name of eel, implying that he was slippery and hard to catch. Palos is a kind hero who helps the poor through his skills as a thief. He often victimizes fellow thieves and gangster syndicates. He hides his identity during daytime, where he lives as a normal person, and becomes a thief in the night.

1961 – Alyas Palos (Dalisay Pictures Inc)

Director/Screenplay Tony Santos Story Virgilio Redondo, Nestor Redondo Music F. Buencamino Jr

Cast Bernard Bonnin (Palos), Willie Sotelo, Lourdes Medel, Mila Ocampo, Danilo Jurado, Noel Villaroman, Jane Fajardo, Priscilla Ramirez, Miguel Lopez, Nita Carmona

1963 – Palos Kontra Gagamba (Dalisay Pictures)

Director/Screenplay Tony Santos Story Virgilio & Nestor Redondo Screenplay Music F. Buencamino Jr

Cast Bernard Bonnin, Lourdes Medel, Luz Valdez, Miguel Lopez, Narding Pineda, Kulas Kaltas, Mario Roldan, Ely Ventuz, Vic Cabrera, Malony Antonio, Og Jarlego, Willie Sotelo, Robert Campos, Von Serna, Mila Ocampo, Linda Montesa, Patricia Mijares, Adolfo Sierra, Jenny Arce

1966 – Palos: Counterspy (Bonanza Productions)

Director Anthony Ocampo Screenplay Eddie Mayo Music D’Amarillo

Cast Bernard Bonnin, Helen Gamboa, Eddie Arenas, Val Castelo, Von Serna, Jose Garcia, Jose Vergara, Pic Bustamante, Francisco Cruz, Helen Thompson, Sonia Velez, Suzanne Machelle, Angel Confiado, Abelardo Dacer, Pat Salvador, Darmo Orbase, Tiva Lava, Gorgonio Dagul Se, Jimmy Roldan, Ben Romero, Leo Longalong, Boy Strella, Danny Medel, Roger Dado, SOS Daredevils

1968 - Palos Strikes Again (Adroit Productions)

Director DLZ Executive Producer Ruben S. Abalos Music D. Velasquez

Cast Bernard Bonnin (Palos), Sofia Moran, Alfonso Carvajal, “Kim”/Ely Ramos, Liza Belmonte, Vic Andaya, “Jose”/Joe Sison, Bill, Rhodora

1982 – Alyas Palos II (Continental Pictures)

Director Leonardo L. Garcia Story Virgilio Redondo Screenplay Carlo J. Caparas Music George Canesco

Cast Bernard Bonnin


From Wikipedia: The Panday (blacksmith in the Filipino language), whose real name is Flavio, is a fictional Philippine comics character created by Carlo J. Caparas and illustrated by Steve Gan. His adventures were serialized in the series Ang Panday in Filipino Komiks in the Seventies. The character took his place in Philippine pop culture when the comics were adapted to film. The most famous of these films starred Fernando Poe Jr. as Flavio and Max Alvarado as his archenemy Lizardo.

After a meteorite falls from the sky, Flavio, a noble blacksmith, forges its ore into a dagger (balaraw in Filipino), which magically turns into a sword when he raises it and points to the sky. He uses this sword to fight the evil Lizardo and his supernatural minions, and other evil forces.

Flavio is a normal human and has no special powers or skills, except for his swordsmanship. He uses his magical sword to fight his supernatural enemies. The sword hums when danger is near and the dagger can cut through anything without resistance. The film Panday uses a shield on occasion, which is likewise forged from a meteorite.

1980 – Ang Panday (FPJ Productions)

Director “Ronwaldo Reyes”/Fernando Poe Jr Screenplay Fred Navarro Based on the komik by Carlo J. Caparas Music Ernani Cuenco Cinematography Ver Reyes Sound Cesar Lucas

Cast Fernando Poe Jr (Flavio), Liz Alindogan, Paquito Diaz, Lito Anzures, Victor Bravo, Martha Sevilla, Max Laurel, Bert Olivar, Max Alvarado (Lizardo), Bentot Jr

1981 – Ang Pagbabalik Ng Panday (FPJ Productions)

Director “Ronwaldo Reyes”/Fernando Poe Jr Screenplay Tommy David Cinematography Ver Reyes Sound Cesar Lucas Music Ernani Cuenco

Cast Fernando Poe Jr (Flavio), Tina Revilla, Rosemarie Gil, Lito Anzures, Jose Romulo, Lilian Laing, Sarah Carino, Michael Pigar, Eddie Gicoso, Max Alvarado (Lizardo), Bentot Jr

1982 - Ang Panday, Ikatlong Yugto (FPJ Productions)

Director “Ronwaldo Reyes”/Fernando Poe Jr Screenplay Fred Navarro Based on the komik by Carlo J. Caparas Cinematography Ver Reyes Sound Cesar Lucas Music Ernani Cuenco

Cast Fernando Poe Jr (Flavio), Lito Anzures, Bentot Jr, Criselda Cecilio, Monette Garcia [IMDB also lists Max Alvarado as Lizardo]

1984 - Panday, Ikaapat Na Aklat (aka Ang Panday IV) (FPJ Productions)

Director “Ronwaldo Reyes”/Fernando Poe Jr Based on the komik by Carlo J. Caparas Visual Effects Ramje

Cast Fernando Poe Jr (Flavio), Marianne de la Riva, Lito Anzures, Bentot Jr, Eddie Infante, Mario Escudero, Robert Rivera, Monette de Guzman, Ruben Ramos, Aida Pedido, Max Alvarado, (Lizardo),

1993 - Dugo Ng Panday/“The Blacksmith’s Legacy” (Regal Films)

Directors Peque Gallaga, Lore Reyes Writer Don Escudero Producer Madeline Gallaga Executive Producer Lily Y. Monteverde Cinematography Joe Tutanes Editor Danny Gloria, Production Design Don Escudero Costume Design Mike Guison Sound Engineer Joe Climaco Crew & Equipment Co-ordinator Oli Laperal Jr

Cast Ramon 'Bong' Revilla Jr (Flavio), Edu Manzano, Aiko Melendez, Leo Martinez, Max Alvarado (Lizardo), I.C. Mendoza, Jaime Fabregas, Max Laurel, Ram Mojica, King Gutierrez, Mon Confiado, Bella Flores, Jinky Laurel, Toto Perez, Edwin Reyes, Romy Romulo, Fame Delos Santos, Rey Solo, Koko Trinidad

1993 - Pandoy, Ang Alalay Ng Panday [released on VCD as “Ang Pandoy”] (Moviestar Productions)

Director Tony Y. Reyes Story/Screenplay Tony Y. Reyes, Vic Sotto, Joey de Leon Executive Producers Wally Chua, Victor Villegas Supervising Producer Ramon Salvador Line Producer Vic Sotto [as Marvic Sotto] Associate Producer Eddie Reyes Music Mon del Rosario Cinematography Sergio Lobo Editor Eduardo “Boy” Jarlego Production Designers Rolly Bernardo, Gabby Francisco

Cast Joey de Leon (Pandoy), Mariz [Ricketts] (Issa), Sharmaine Arnaiz (Cristina), Sunshine Cruz (Vibora), Val Sotto, Ritchie Reyes, Joel Torre (Redentor), Yoyong Martirez, Ruth Tuazon, Bing Angeles, Geraldine Valdes, Faye Navarro, Domingo Lanchido, Robert Talby, Nonong de Andres, Jon Achaval, Danny Labra, Nemie Gutierrez, Roger Moring, Bill Cosme, Pong Pong, Torling Pader, Boy Gomez, Rudy Rivera, Helen Grace Padilla, Catherine Rodriguez, Desiree dela Cruz, Beam Beam, Ernie David, Junde Guia, Jett Sahara, Boy Ranay, Angel Barcenas, Jerry Lapuz, Paul Roa, Bryan Marino

1998 - Hiwaga Ng Panday (Golden Lions Films Prod. Inc)

Director/Writer Carlo J. Caparas Producers Carlo J. Caparas, Donna Villa

Cast Jinggoy Estrada (Guiller), Kris Aquino (Emily)

+++++ PEDRO PENDUKO +++++

From Wikipedia: Pedro Penduko is a Filipino comic book character styled as a folk hero or superhero, created by Francisco V. Coching and debuted on Liwayway Magazine.

In his numerous incarnations, Pedro Penduko is consistently portrayed a normal human being who has no superpowers, but is resourceful and quick-witted in battling evil forces. He is aided by a magical amulet (known as Mutya in the TV Series). He was actually introduced in the 1994 and 2000 movies as a descendant of a family of legendary heroes but is a coward.

1954 - Pedro Penduko (People’s Pictures/Premiere Productions)

Director Gerardo de Leon based on the komik by Francisco V. Coching

Cast Efren Reyes (Pedro Penduko), Leila Morena, Ramon D'Salva, Vicente Liwanag, Lopito, Edna Luna, Ruben Rustia

1973 – Ang Mahiwagang Daigdig Ni Pedro Penduko/“The Mystical World Of Pedro Penduko” (Topaz Film Productions)

Director/Writer Celso Ad. Castillo Producer Jun Dominguez Music Ernani Cuenco Cinematography Loreto U. Isleta

Cast Ramon Zamora (Pedro Penduko), Jeanne Young, Lotis Key, Eddie Garcia, Panchito Alba, Jingle, Roberto Talabis, Vic Varrion, Mario Escudero, Belo Borja, Subas Herrero, Cris Buddha Cruz, Tony Gozalves, Dan Zaragoza, Rod Francisco, Dolores Pobre, Johnny Ramirez, Edgar Garcia, Mary Martin, Juanita Rodriguez, Boy Caoile, Teddy Baldomaro, Lorna Locsin, Ronnie Dominguez

1974 – Bagsik At Kamandag Ni Pedro Penduko (Topaz Film Productions)

Director Jose “Pepe” Wenceslao Story/Screenplay Loida Viriga? Producer Jun Dominguez Music Ernani Cuenco Cinematography Oscar Querijero

Cast Ramon Zamora, Lotis Key, Eddie Garcia, Panchito Alba, Paquito Diaz, Mayra Morena, Edna Diaz, Roldan Aquino, Tsing Tong Tsai, Roderick Paulate, Pancho Pelagio, Ven Medina, BongBong Martin

1994 – Ang Pagbabalik Ni Pedro Penduko (Viva Films)

Director J. Erastheo Navoa Executive Producer Vic del Rosario Jr

Cast Janno Gibbs (Pedro Penduko), Chiquito, Leo Martinez, Robert Miller, Vina Morales, Danita Paner, Donita Rose

2000 - Pedro Penduko, Episode II: The Return Of The Comeback (Viva Films)

Director Erik Matti Screenplay/Conceptual Design Dwight Gaston Producers Veronique Del Rosario-Corpus, Vicente G. del Rosario III Executive Producer Vic del Rosario Jr Supervising Producer Brenda M. Bayhon Associate Producer Sandy Santamaria Music Jim Cornejo Cinematography Rolly Manuel Editor Danny C. Gloria Production Design “Adrian”/Adrianne Torres Art Direction Richard Somes Costume Design Bill Gustillo First Assistant Director Jay Abello Second Assistant Director Chona Batoctoy Set Designer Richard Garingalao Sound Engineer Arnold Reodica Visual Effects Supervisor Raul Pedro G. Bulaong Fight Director Rudy Ramirez Associate Editor Do Teehankee

Cast Janno Gibbs (Pedro Penduko), Ramon Zamora (Maguayan), Ace Espinosa (Minokawa), L.J. Moreno (Bulan), Dino Guevarra, Lee Robin Salazar, Alyssa Gibbs (Aliya), Goyong, Cholo Escaño, Jeffrey Tam, John Arceo, Manny Castañeda, Chris Escario, J.J. Chua, Rudy Fernandez, Christopher De Leon, Cesar Montano, Joyce Jimenez, Ronaldo Valdez, Ogie Alcasid, Dennis Padilla, Michael V.


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