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THE SEARCH FOR WENG WENG: Kickstarter Week #2 update!

Dear friends and colleagues,

As you may have heard, I'm currently running a crowdfunding campaign to finish my THE SEARCH FOR WENG WENG documentary - http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/210613803/the-search-for-weng-weng-1

The film has been a labour of love since I started filming in 2006. In short (no pun intended, I swear), it's a guerrilla-shot chronicle of my obsessive quest to find the two-foot-nine James Bond of the Philippines. Funnily enough, THE SEARCH FOR WENG WENG is shaping into a film as much about obsession and following one's passions to extremes as it is about its two-foot-nine subject.

With over 100 hours in the can, it's finally time to deliver a 90 minute documentary feature. The $30,000 we're asking for from Kickstarter pledges is to pay for its post-production and, down the track, touring the film internationally. The idea is to fund its completion in the same way it was filmed - guerrilla style - to retain as much control as possible over the project. The finished film will subsequently be released in this country theatrically and on DVD by Monster Pictures in Melbourne (http://monsterpictures.com.au/features/the-wild-wild-weng-weng/).

At two weeks into the eight-week campaign, we are currently more than a third of the way towards our goal, and that's a very encouraging beginning.

However, there's a long way to go, and for that reason I'm asking for a personal favour from each of you.

Could you please visit the link, watch the video, and then forward the link and this blurb to anyone who might be interested. This would include:

- would-be investors, both small and large (and with a huge list of incentives on offer, even a $10 pledge to Kickstarter receives a VIP ticket to its Australian premiere);

- media outlets (newspapers, TV and radio stations, bloggers, social media);

- family and friends;

- and overseas distributors, exhibitors, film festivals etc.

I apologize for imposing on your valuable time, but I really believe you will recognize in this venture the tenacious spirit of independent filmmaking alive and kicking. Needless to say there is a lot riding on this for me, both professionally and personally, and I hope I can inspire you into coming along with me on my adventure of a lifetime.

Thank you for your time and attention. I look forward to continuing this conversation here, by private message, or via email at andrewleavold@gmail.com.

Warmest regards,

Andrew Leavold (Writer/Director, THE SEARCH FOR WENG WENG)

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NOW OPEN! Trash Video Blog

Everyone, Trash Video Blog is the start of my on-line shop, where I'm selling off my old film and music posters, books and magazines, CDs, VHS tapes and DVDs. The days of hoarding are officially over, so let the shedding begin! 
Please have a look at the new format: http://trashvideobrisbane.blogspot.com.au/

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Wants list October 2010

Dear "Search For Weng Weng" readers,

It's coming close to the home stretch on my book/PhD on Philippines genre films, and I desperately need your help!

I've compiled the films I'm missing into one mega-list. All I need are DVD-Rs of the following, and I'm more than happy to trade.

Please email me at trash@trashvideo.com.au if you can hook a brother up,

Many thanks, Andrew


AGENT OO (Weng Weng, 1981)
ANGEL HILL/The LAST PLATOON (Italian production, late 80s)
ASSAULT PLATOON/COMMANDO PLATOON (Robert Marius 'Namsploitation, 1988)
ATTACK AND DESTROY (Kinavesa, 1981)
BLASTING BULLETS (Lito Lapid/Eddie Nicart, 1985)
BLOOD HUNT (Rudy Fernandez, 1981)
BRUCE AND THE GOLDEN CHAKU (Ramon Zamora/”Bruce Ly”, 1977)
The CHAIN (Gary Busey)
COMBAT KILLERS (Ken Metcalfe, early 70s)
COBRADOR (Redford White, 1986)
The COMMANDER (Antonio Margheriti, 1986)
COUNTERTHRUST (Eddie Romero, 1959)
The CRAZY BUNCH (Nino Muhlach, 1980)
CRIME STOPPER (Silver Star, late 80s)
CRISIS (Tony Ferrer, 1970)
The CUTE, THE SEXY & THE TINY (Weng Weng, 1982)
DA BEST IN DA WEST (Dolphy/Weng Weng, 1981)
DANGEROUS PASSION (Romano Kristoff/Silver Star, 1998)
DIRTY GAMES (Eddie Rodriguez, 1981)
ESCAPE TO NOWHERE/BATTLE GEESE (Davian International, 1990)
FAST GUN (Cirio H. Santiago, 1987)
FATAL MISSION/ENEMY (Peter Fonda, 1990)
FORTRESS IN THE SUN (Nancy Kwan, 1975)
The GAME OF DEATH (Ramon Zamora, 1975)
The HELL RAIDERS (Ferde Grofe Jr, 1986 – NOT the Indonesian film with Barry Prima)
The HUNTED (Charito Solis, 1969)
The HUNTED (Davian International, 1989)
JOHNNY RAMBO TANGO (Redford White, dubbed in English)
KILLER vs NINJAS (Ace Vergel, 1984)
LEGS KATAWAN BABAE (Weng Weng, 1981)
The LOST BATTALION (Eddie Romero, 1960)
LOST COMMANDO/PLATOON 2 (Bong Revilla Jr, 1988)
MAD KILLER (Anthony Alonzo/Willy Milan, 1985)
MAN ON THE RUN/The KIDNAPPERS (Eddie Romero, 1958)
MARIANNA/FILIPINO GIRL (HK production, 1982)
ORIENT ESCAPE (Bruno Mattei)
OUTLAW INFERNO (Rudy Fernandez, 1985)
OVER MY DEAD BODY (Tony Ferrer, 1983)
PASSAGE TO HELL (Ken Watanable, 1988)
The PASSIONATE STRANGERS (Eddie Romero, 1966)
PLEASURE ISLAND (Dick Randall/Italian production, 1980)
The QUICK BROWN FOX (Dolphy/Weng Weng, 1980)
RAGE OF JUSTICE (Fernando Poe Jr, 1987)
RAGING ANGER (Dante Varona)
RAIDERS FOR VICTORY (Kinavesa, 1981)
REVENGE OF THE STREET WARRIOR/The STREET WARRIOR (The same film, or 2 different films with Anthony Alonzo?)
RIDE THE TIGER (Ferde Grofe Jr, 1970)
SABOTAGE (original 1966 Tony Ferrer spy film, not the 70s remake)
SECRETS OF WOMEN 2 (Bruno Mattei)
SOLDYER (Redford White, 1979)
TOUGH COP (Cinex, 1988)
US COMMANDO/JIMBO (Lito Lapid/Eddie Nicart, 1985)
ZIGOMAR (Lito Lapid/Eddie Nicart, 1983)
ZIMITAR (1982)
Z-MAN (Rico Ilarde, 1988)

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Machete Maidens Unleashed! (2010) reviews

The first round of reviews are in!

Review from the Internet Movie Database:

I don't usually give out such high ratings but Mark Hartley's new doco about the Filipino exploitation films of the 70's and 80's by way of Corman's New World Pictures is wonderful.

The interviews with former directors and stars are many and all entertaining. The clips and trailers shown are even better.

Any fan of B movies will love this.

I hope that this gets some sort of cinema release as Hartley and Co have clearly put much work and passion into this. His last doco NOT QUITE Hollywood was criminally ignored in this country.

After seeing the wretched INCEPTION (with a ridiculous budget of $150 Million) earlier in the evening, MACHETE MAIDENS UNLEASHED was a fine celebration of purely entertaining cinema made on low budgets.

More please Mr Hartley. How about Italian exploitation flicks of the 70's and 80's next? I wish cinema could be this fun again.

Review from the Stale Popcorn blog:

Have you heard of these movies? The Big Bird House? The Hot Box? Cleopatra Wong? How about Ebony, Ivory & Jade, Cover Girl Models, Night of the Cobra Woman, Beyond Atlantis, Dynamite Johnson, TNT Jackson, Savage! or Black Mama, White Mama? If not then you are in for a treat with Machete Maidens Unleashed!, an unofficial sequel to Mark Hartley's brilliant 2008 documentary Not Quite Hollywood that charted the history of Aussie genre films of the 1970s and '80s. All of those titles listed above, and others like The One-Armed Executioner and the Beast of Blood franchise, spawned out of the Filipino film industry with the help of American filmmakers like Roger Corman and now rank as near unknown and forgotten cult niche titles for the amusement of stoned college students.

The same crew that worked on Not Quite Hollywood - the opening night film of MIFF 2008 and my #6 film of that year - have again been assembled to craft this ode to Filipino action movies. Snappily edited, Machete Maidens Unleashed! is simply 85 minutes of clips from movies about nubile young actress firing rifles, karate chopping and waving machetes around in between bouts of baring their breasts while mud wrestling in jungle prisons and causing political uprisings through the backwater swamps of he Philippines.

Interspersed throughout all of this pan and scan insanity (most of the films have never been remastered for DVD release) are interviews with well-known directors like John Landis, Brian Trenchard-Smith and Joe Dante as well as notable behind the scenes figures like George Corman, Eddie Romero, Jack Hill and an assortment of actors that made a presence for themselves in this sub-genre of film. Names like Gloria Hendry, Margaret Markov, Colleen Camp, Judy Brown and Marlene Clark may not be familiar names, but they should be after you've heard their fascinating anecdotes about working in the jungles of the Philippines. Higher profile names like R Lee Ermy, Sid Haig and Chris Mitchum are also there for their own hilarious stories, but unfortunately Pam Grier, surely the biggest name to arise out of the Filipino genre films - she made The Big Doll House, Women in Cages, Twilight People, The Big Bird Cage and Black Mama, White Mama before blaxploitation hits Coffy and Foxy Brown made her a star - refused to be interviewed. While everyone seems at least partially ashamed of their contributions to cinema here, they are all open and admit to being willing participants. It's a shame that Grier didn't see it the same way.

"Rated R for Ridiculous", as the poster says, sums up Mark Hartley's second documentary feature perfectly. I haven't even got into titles such as For Y'ur Height Only that starred Filipino dwarf superstar Weng Weng as a James Bond spoof or Up from the Depths, which was made to cash in on the success of Piranha one year earlier. If movies such as Machete Maidens Unleashed! achieve anything substantial then it's making someone like me really want to seek out movies like Cleopatra Wong (nuns with assault rifles) and Dynamite Johnson (some undecipherable plot that involves a robotic dragon). Hopefully these titles get some sort of DVD release after this movie gets seen by the right people like many of the Ozploitation films did after Not Quite Hollywood.

Sadly, Machete Maidens doesn't achieve the levels of success that director Hartley had with Not Quite Hollywood. Whereas that film spanned various genres from sex comedies to horror and science fiction, this one is far more limited to the films it covers. It is easy to mistake many of the movie clips featured within as being all from the one movie about a group of sexy and sassy American women being held captive in a prison deep within the jungle wherein they must use their sexual force to break out of. There's also a distinct lack of passion compared to its predecessor. Perhaps its the fact that these films are even more obscure than Patrick or Dead-End Drive In of the so-called "Ozploitation" movement, but there's no effort made to show how the effects of these Filipino genre films are still being felt today. Perhaps the Filipino film industry is as closed tight as Imelda Marcos' box of secrets and umbrellas, but Machete Maidens Unleashed doesn't have quite the same insight. Nevertheless, it is still a wild and hilariously entertaining hour and a half of absurd insanity. B

Review from The Age:

THE indefatigable Mark hartley turned ‘‘Ozploitation’’ into a buzzword with his recent cinephilic documentary Not Quite Hollywood. This follow-up focuses on ‘‘exploitation’’ in a more literal sense: in the 1970s, the famously costconscious producer Roger Corman led the charge towards the Philippines as a cheap location for action and horror B-movies, with dictator Ferdinand Marcos more than willing to lend on-the-ground support. Politically speaking, the film raises more questions than it answers, celebrating the gung-ho spirit of the era even as it draws attention to the real horrors offscreen. Nevertheless, Hartley has few rivals when it comes to revving up interview subjects and matching their snappy one-liners with appropriately lurid clips. The expert commentators include MIFF guest Joe Dante, who spent his youth editing trailers for Corman and has plenty of droll memories to share.

Paul Ryan’s comment on Digital Retribution:

Saw it last night at MIFF, with Q&A from Hartley and producer Veronica Fury (great name) afterward. It's not as comprehensive as NQH, and many of the clips are of truly dire quality (due to shockingly bad archiving practices of the Filipino studios), but it is fascinating and funny. It's more about the US productions - mainly Corman/AIP jobs - that were shot there in the seventies than the Filipino industry itself (with a digression into Apocalypse Now). Plenty of actors, producers and directors are interviewed, and the films themselves look just jaw dropping in all respects. The only ones I'd actually seen were Apocalypse Now and Black Mama, White Mama, but I simply must get around to seeing Eddie Romero's Blood Island films, along with Bobby A. Suarez's They Call Her Cleopatra Wong and Bionic Boy. Sadly Suarez (who was notorious for getting about on set with a loaded and cocked .45 in his belt!) died a few days before Hartley got to interview him.

There are some choice comments from Joe Dante and Allan Arkush on how they would edit the trailers for Corman's Filipino productions that are utterly hilarious. John Landis also makes some great contributions.

According to the Q&A, this will be airing on the ABC down the track, but I also imagine a theatrical run can't be too far off.

Tim Chuma's review from his blog:

Tagline: Was good to finally see it, but...

This is hard, I know Andrew has been working on his Weng Weng doco for at least as long as Mark Hartley worked on Not Quite Hollywood to get it up and it was great that it finally produced some work at the end of it.

It is what it is and although I would have liked to see more from the crews who worked in the Philippines (there were some great stories from what I have read about the Weng Weng doco), I am sure a lot of people will like it when it gets a wider screening, which it will do at the Fantastic Fest in Austin later this year and several other festivals.

The films featured in this documentary are a lot more niche and although Roger Corman's movies are featured, the focus was more on some of the obscure ones. I was surprised by some of the movies as I hadn't heard of Bionic Boy before and not many other ones outside the Weng Weng ones (there are six of them), the women in prison series and a few others.

As explained in the Q&A it was decided to focus on movies produced for the overseas market and not movies made for the Philippines as there are no copies of them in existence, which would have made it a lot harder to do the documentary. Some of the footage is a bit rough due to it having to be sourced from tape and the original trailers for the movies.

Due to budgetary and time constraints (it was made in just six months) the period covered is from the late 60s to early 80s and they did have to miss out some of the later films. I was a bit puzzled by the Apocalypse Now coverage, but I guess it was such a large production for the country they had to include it..

There were some interesting questions from the Q&A such as who wouldn't be interviewed for the documentary which was Pam Grier and Jeannie Bell. Unfortunately a couple of the directors from Philippines had died before the filming and one only very recently but it was good to see some earlier interviews with them in the film.

I also enjoyed hearing about how the documentary first came to be including Andrew Leavold's involvement and Mark Hartley's response to Veronica Fury's question on making another doco originally. Also the mention of Veronica researching a doco on the history of Australian pornography was interesting.

Was a bit of a curly question about the female leads in the women in prison films seeming very well adjusted despite some of their experiences making the movies. As it was explained most of them didn't really go on to film careers and have led normal lives since the 1970s. They also new what the filming was going to entail originally and were prepared for it.

There is one more screening of the documentary at the festival on a double bill with For Y'ur Height Only and I am sure it will get a lot of people in. I am still going to buy the DVD as I want to see what they put on it for the 'Search for Weng Weng' special feature. Rating: 7/10

Comment at chud.com forum:

So I caught Mark Hartley's follow-up to NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD the other night - it's called MACHETE MAIDENS UNLEASHED, and it looks at the thriving exploitation-movie industry in the Philippines throughout the '60s, '70s and '80s. Some of the movies were done by Filipino filmmakers (like Cirio H. Santiago) but a large percentage of the movie is dedicated to the women-in-prison pictures made by Roger Corman's New World Pictures. It's interesting and fun, and very much a companion piece to NQH - little nuggets of real-world history combined with behind-the-scenes anecdotes, colourful commentary (the very funny John Landis in for Tarantino) and many, many scenes featuring the unclad stars of the movies.

Oh, and Weng Weng, the inch-high private eye of FOR Y'UR HEIGHT ONLY. Once seen, never forgotten.

For Melbourne Chewers, it's screening at the upcoming Melbourne International Film Festival. Elsewhere in the world...well, you'll get it when you get it, I guess. But it's well worth a watch.

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Long-time readers will no doubt remember that I have been working on a documentary, “The Search For Weng Weng”, on the midget James Bond of the Philippines (www.andrewleavold.blogspot.com and www.bamboogodsandbionicboys.blogspot.com). Well, a lot has happened since I first picked up the camera almost four years ago. My producer Veronica Fury of Fury Productions pitched the project to ABC TV last year, and the word came back: allow the project to evolve into a documentary on B-filmmaking in the Philippines, and you have a deal! Funding came through from ABC TV, ABC Commercial, MIFF Première Funds, Film Vic, Screen Queensland, and Screen Australia.

At this point I stepped down as writer/director and we offered the driver’s seat to Mark (Not Quite Hollywood) Hartley. He agreed to come on board, with myself as Associate Producer, Research Consultant and Original Concept credits, and set to work crafting an essay-style documentary on the overseas filmmakers engaged in the export trade during the Marcos years of the late Sixties to early Eighties. Now titled “Machete Maidens Unleashed!”, Mark is set to return this weekend with his first batch of interview footage from the US and the Philippines. If all goes according to plan, we deliver the finished film to the ABC in June, and premiere Machete Maidens Unleashed! at the Melbourne International Film Festival later this year. Click on Fangoria’s blog www.fangorianews.blogspot.com/2010/02/filmmaker-talks-machete-maidens-and.html for Mark’s first interview on the movie.

The Search For Weng Weng will still be completed over the next 12 months and hopefully accompany Machete… as a companion film on the DVD releases.

As you can imagine, it’s a very exciting process for Trash Video and myself to be involved in such a major production, and we look forward to walking down the carpet with Mark and Veronica at MIFF 2010!

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cosa Nostra Asia article 1975

Here's a rare on-the-set report from Bobby A. Suarez's 1973 kung fu actioner Cosa Nostra Asia, written by Chris Mitchum's co-star Michael Keys (the actor who plays Don Angellini!). Source: CLASH! KUNG FU magazine, UK, 1975, pp1-6

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Henry Strzalkowski's Photo Album Part 1!

On the set of B-Team (c.1988), AD for Ken Watanabe starring Romano Kristoff

Me in black at the top of the stairs. Got burned a moment later! Eye Of The Eagle (dir. Cirio H. Santiago, 1986)

Where the tanks stopped - EDSA Revolution 1986. Now Robinsons' Galleria and shrine to many

EDSA barricaded, '86 Revolution. In front of Camp Crame

Nick and me, Eye Of The Eagle (1986)

Me and Ed Crick, Eye Of The Eagle

Martin Sheen on the set of Fortunes Of War (dir. Thierry Notz, 1993), being interviewed for local TV

Chuck Wagner (Automan) and me on The Sisterhood (dir. Cirio H. Santiago, 1988)

Cinex film, can't remember the title, with Jeff Weston and Darwyn Swalve

The Sisterhood

Eye Of The Eagle

Wheels Of Fire (dir. Cirio H. Santiago, 1985)

Killer Insinct (dir. Cirio H. Santaigo, 1987) as "Costello"

On the set of Platoon (dir. Oliver Stone, 1986)

Eye Of The Eagle with wardrobe head and script supervisor

Eye Of The Eagle with the late Bill Steis

Eye Of The Eagle, on location with the sixteen-inch guns of Corregidor

Eye Of The Eagle

Early morning, cold typhoon day on the set for Teddy Chiu

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Roberto Gonzalez filmography


1965 – Titong Robin Hood (Emar Pictures)

[release date 16th August 1965, sometimes listed as “Titong Robinhood”]

Director Herminio “Butch” Bautista Screenplay Bert R. Mendoza Producer Joseph Estrada Music Ariston Avelino

Cast Chiquito (Titong Robin Hood), Imelda Ilanan, Vicente Liwinag, Rudy Regala, Larry Silva, Avel Morado, Angel Confiado, Conrado Gumin?, Marco Madero, Greg Guerrero, Ben Bernal, Sancho Tesalona, Joe Cunanan, Bobby Guanzon, Tiva Lava, Ben Dato, SOS Daredevils, “Bobby”/Roberto Gonzalez

1966 – Gintong Buddha/“Gold Buddha” [complete title: Paolo Stacatto At Ang Gintong Buddha/“Paolo Stacatto And The Gold Buddha”] (Virgo Film Productions/Emar Pictures)

Release date 20th January 1966]

Director Nilo Saez Story/Screenplay Luis Enriquez Producer Joseph Estrada

Cast Eddie Rodriguez (Paolo Stacatto), Liza Moreno, Juliet Pardo, Jose Vergara, Nello Nayo, Eddie Torrente, Roberto Gonzales, Manolo Robles, Abelardo Dacer, Darmo Orbase, Dante Leynes, Bert Dumaran, Cris Cruz, Mike Lozano, Phil de Pano, Joe Sison, Gabby Paile?, Chona Delgado, Seikichi Iha, Roland Gonzales, RG Karate Boys, Commando Self-Defense Karate Boys

1966 – Cobra (Virgo Films)

[release date 9th August 1966]

Director Nilo Saez Story/Screenplay Luis Enriquez Based on the radio serial by Eddie Naval Music Carlos Rodriguez

Cast Eddie Rodriguez (Cobra), Willie Sotelo, Renato Robles, Martin Marfil, Eddie Torrente, Roberto Gonzalez, Vince Juarez, Vera Vargas, Bernardo Belleza, Cecilia Lopez, Jose Vergara, Ramon Yulo, Joe Sison

1966 - Hari Ng Karate/“King Of Karate” (Libra/Taurus Productions)

[release date 2nd October 1966]

Director/Screenplay Sol Gaudite

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Carlos Padilla Jr, Josephine Estrada, Merle Fernandez, Martin Marfil, Eddie Torrente, Lyn D’Arce, Anna Ledesma

1967 – Judo Karate Matador (JBC Productions)

[release date 16th January 1967]

Director Solano Gaudite

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Rolando Gonzalez, Imelda Olanan, Anna Ledesma, Marco Antonio, Val Magno, Eddie Torrente, Flor Bien, Charito Soliman

1967 – Master Fighter (Bataan Film Productions)

[release date 14th April 1967]

Director/Story/Screenplay Solano Gaudite Executive Producer Mariano Bermejo Jr Music Juan Silos Jr

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Liberty Ilagan, Johnny Monteiro (Leon Desperado), Eddie Torrente (Carlos Vengador), Anna Ledesma, Rod Felix, Jose Garcia, Bert Olivar, Larry Silva, Ben Perez, Carlos Padilla Jr, Andy Garchitorena, Martin Marfil, Itoy Victoria, Chito Reyes, Rocco Montalban, Ruben Ramos, Tony Villar, Flor Bien, Ernie White, Nort Nepomuceno, Johnny Caranza, Fao Ying, Protacio “Dy”/Dee, Crisostomo Cruz, Frank Zarate, Raquel Gordon

1967 – Digmaan Sa Karate/“Karate War” (Taurus Productions/Libra Film Corp)

[release date 24th May 1967]

Director Solano Gaudite Screenplay Chito Tapawan, Jose Mesina Music D’Amarillo

Cast Roberto Gonzales, Liberty Ilagan, Eddie Torrente, Tony Villar, Val Magno, Frank Zarate, Ernie White, Johnny Carranza, Chris “Buddha” Cruz, Chua Piak Son, Suan Tieng, Protacio Dee, Tessie Concepcio, Magna Gonzalez

1967 – Berdugo Ng Mga Hari/ “Professional Killer” (Taurus Productions/Libra Film Corp)

[release date 8th August 1967]

Director Leo Sun Screenplay Sol Gaudite

Cast Roberto Gonzales, Merle Fernandez, Tessie Concepcion, Raquel Gordon, Eddie Torrente, Protacio Dee, Ernie Ortega, Johnny Caranza, Fao Ying, Frank Zarate, Elmer Imperial, Tito Aquino, Bruno Punzalan, Angel Confiado, Tiva Lava, SOS Daredevils

1967 – Bertong Karate/“Bert The Karate Fighter” (Taurus Productions)

[release date 26th September 1967]

Director Solano Gaudite Music D’Amarillo

Cast Roberto Gonzales, Liberty Ilagan, Rolando Gonzales, Eddie Torrente, Eddie White, Boy Torrente, Frank Zarate, Carmen Romasanta, Andres Albo, Roque Gordon, Tony Pomuceno, Lulubelle Reyes, Lelet Poniente

1967 – Pambihirang Pito/“Impossible Seven” (JBC Productions)

[release date 16th December 1967]

Director Romy Villaflor Story/Screenplay Ben Feleo Music D’Amarillo, Merry Diamonds

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Sofia Moran, Marissa Delgado, Lucita Soriano, Rodolfo “Boy” Garcia, Rocco Montalban, Nort Nepomuceno, Protacio Dee, Boy Chico, Eddie Gallegos, Rolando “Gonzalez”/Gonzales, Anthony Barredo, Silvio Ramiro, Jose Garcia, Fred Param, Amado Brillantes, Nestor Brillantes, Girlie Simmons

1967 – Magnificent Brothers (Libra Films Corp)

[release date unknown]

Director Solano Gaudite

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Rolando Gonzalez, Carlos Padilla Jr, Merle Fernandez, Martin Marfil, Marilou Ver, Eddie Torrente, Carmen Romasanta, Andy Garchitorena, Anna Ladesma, Flor Bien, Jerry Pons

1968 - Deadly Trio (Taurus Productions)

[release date 17th January 1968]

Director/Writer Solano Gaudite

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Eddie Torrente, Rubi Rosa, Miyamoto Katsu, Magna Gonzales, One-Eyed Tahamuru, Katsumi Tanaka, Tsugawa Nagato, Kenyayama Mto, Rolando Gonzales, Elvira Gonzales

1968 - Hari Ng Slums/”King of the Slums” (Taurus Productions)

[release date 8th March 1968]

Director Solano Gaudite Screenplay Jun Urbano

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, “Elvie”/Elvira Gonzales, Stella Suarez, Eddie Torrente, Tony Villar, Rolando Gonzalez

1968 - Battle Of Champions (Fe'mil Productions)

[release date 18th May 1968]

Director Armando A. Herrera Producer Femy Rillo Music Tito Arevalo

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Alona Alegre, Lyn D'Arce, Ariston Bautista, Eddie Gallegos, Johnny Carranza. Tony Pomuceno, Mat Lazaro, Bert Martinez, Bino Garcia, Eddie Fernandez, Helen Thompson

1968 - Karate, Samurai, At Pagibig/“Karate, Samurai And Love” (Taurus Productions)

[release date 16th June 1968]

Director Solano Gaudite

Cast Roberto Gonzales, Rolando Gonzales, Eddie Torrente, Magna Gonzales

1968 - Karate Commandos (JBC Productions)

[release date 2nd July 1968]

Director Armando A. Herrera Music Tito Arevalo

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Johnny Caranza, Tito Aquino, Gina Alonza, Jun Esguerra, Nardo Casero, Anthony Barredo, Bernard Belleza, Edwin Perry, Eddie Torrente, Rolando Gonzales, Protacio Dee

1968 - Bulag Na Matador/“The Blind Matador” (Taurus Productions)

[release date 20th July 1968]

Director/Writer Solano Gaudite

Cast Roberto Gonzales, Roderick Paulate, Ernie White, Eddie Gallegos, Carmen Romasanta, Jun Esguerra, Darmo Orbase, Ernesto Almanza, Alicia Alonzo, Verna Gaston, Ernie Ortega, Boy Chico, Elmer Imperial

1968 - That Man Mr. Impossible (Tower Productions)

[release date 6th September 1968]

Director Artemio Marquez

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Bessie Barredo, Fred Santos, Rolando Gonzales, Maria Victoria, Berting Labra, Martin Marfil, Manggay, Bert Martinez, Jing Abalos, Tony Villar, Mar Quijano

1968 – Suntok O Karate?/“A Punch Or Karate?” (Emar Pictures)

[release date 12th October 1968]

Director Augusto Buenaventura Story Bert R. Mendoza, Augusto Buenaventura Music Mike Briones Cinematography Fredy Conde

Cast Joseph Estrada, Roberto Gonzalez, George Estregan, Rolando Gonzalez, Mary Ann Murphy, Gloria Sevilla, Delia Dolor, Eddie Garcia, Vic Silayan, Jose Padilla Jr, Carlos Padilla Jr, Dely Villanueva, Ariston Bautista, Romy Diaz, Paquito Diaz, Avel Morado, Ben Dato, Marco Madero, Vic Gaza, Blanco Santos, Romy Velarde, Bert Salvador, SOS Daredevils

1968 – Ito Ang Digmann/“This Is War” (Taurus Productions)

[release date 25th October 1968]

Director Solano Gaudite Music D’Amarillo

Cast Amalia Fuentes, Roberto Gonzales, Johnny Delgado, Loretta Rocco, Bruno Punzalan, Eddie Gallegos, Ariston Bautista, Lourdes Luna, Elmer Imperial, Magna Gonzales, Rolando Gonzales, Cora Varona

1968 – Kidlat Sa Karate/ “Like Lightning In Karate” (AM Productions)

[release date 20th November 1968]

Director Ben Feleo Music Danny Holmsen

Cast Roberto Gozales, Imelda Ilanan, Lyn D’Arce, Angel Confiado, Alvaro Muhlach, Carlos Diaz, Ben Manalo, Eddie Nicart, Ernie White, Bernard Belleza, Alicja Basili, Silvio Ramiro

1968 – Chaku Judo Aikido O Karate (Taurus Productions)

[release date 12th December 1968]

Director/Story “R.G.”/Roberto Gonzalez Screenplay Johnny F. Capistrano Music “Demet”/Demetrio Velasquez

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Josephine Estrada, Rolando Gonzales, Kenji Mifune, Protacio Dee, Dante Varona, Roger Ollano, Fao Ying, Jun Santos, Martin Marfil, Tony Villar, Ernie White, Cora Varona, SOS Daredevils

1969 – Pambihirang Tatlo/“Wonderful Three” (Larry Santiago Productions/JBC Productions)

[release date 9th January 1969]

Director Felix Villar Screenplay Antonio B. Pascua Based on the serial by Francisco V. Coching Music Tito Arevalo

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Eddie Fernandez, Bernard Belleza, Divinia Valencia, Rodolfo “Boy” Garcia, Lito Garcia, Bobby Santiago, Larry Silva, Liza Belmonte, Ruben Ramos, Sancho Tesalona, Alex Flores, Steve Alcarado, Darmo Orbase, Armando Rinio, Robert Rivera, Mike Lozano, Jose Garcia, Bruno Punzalan, Tintoy, Boy “Chirit” Alvarez

1969 – Sagupaan!/“Encounters!” (Lea Productions)

[release date 18th February 1969]

Director/Screenplay Armando Garces Music Restie Umali

Cast Joseph Estrada, Roberto Gonzalez, Jing Abalos, Rodolfo “Boy” Garcia, Victor Bravo, Avel Morado, Lourdes Medel, Gina Alajar, Caridad Sanchez, Roderick Paulate, Mary Walter, Angel Confiado, James Dee, Chris Cruz, SOS Daredevils, Danny Rojo, Del Sol

1969 – Jungle Killers (JBC Productions)

[release date 6th March 1969]

Director Armando Herrera

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Fred Galang, Gina Alonzo, Myra Luna

1969 – Liquidation Squad (Aladdin Productions)

[release date 26th March 1969]

Director Cesar “Chat” Gallardo Story/Screenplay Carlos Empatnado Music Demet Velasquez

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Max Alvarado, Mel Francisco, Jose Morelos, Chito Ledesma, Sofia Moran, Eva Marie, James Dee, Eddie Nicart, Jean Santos, Skip Kraemer, Silvio Ramiro, SOS Daredevils, PMP Commandos

1969 – Ronquillo Brothers (Jacros)

[release date 24th May 1969]

Director Luis San Juan Screenplay Efren C. Pinon Music Tito Arevalo

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Fred Galang, Sofia Moran, Verna Gaston

1969 – Target: Karate King (RG Productions)

[release date 25th July 1969]

Director/Screenplay Robert Balilla Sr Music D’Amarillo

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Rolando Gonzalez, Liza Lorena, Verna Gaston

1969 – Karate Showdown (JBC Productions)

[release date 14th August 1969]

Director/Story Solano Gaudite Screenplay Pepe Mesinas Cinematography Enrique C. Rosales

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Rosanna Ortiz, Jules King, James Dee, Fao Ying, Kentaru, Johnny Monteiro, Nora Aunor, Tirso Cruz III, Edgar Mortiz, Ike Lozada, Carmen Romasanta, Ernie White, Ernie Ortega, Art Veloso, Jun Santos, Jun Esguerra, Mar Quijano, Joe Andrade, Rod Francisco, Freddie Dava, Tony Villar, Jun Esguerra, Sabas San Juan, Angel Confiado

1969 - The Magic Samurai (RFJ)

[release date 12th September 1969]

Director Leody M. Diaz

Cast Roberto Gonzales, Johnny Monteiro, Dencio Padilla, Mario Escudero, Rocco Montalban, Jessette, Angela Montes, Matimtiman Cruz

1969 - Hara Ng Ninja/“Hara Of Ninja” or “Ninja Hara” (RG Productions)

[release date 28th September 1969]

Director Solano Gaudite

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Rosanna Ortiz, Rolando Gonzales, Katsu Harada, Kurosawa Koryo, Kimura Osaka, Okawa Tora, Sato Maru, Marissa Delgado, Bruno Punzalan, Rocco Montalban, Efren Montes

1969 – Sino Sa Dalawa?/“Who Among The Two?” (Larry Santiago Productions)

[release date 2nd November 1969]

Director Pablo Santiago Screenplay Tommy C. David Music Pablo Vergara Cinematography Jose Batac Jr

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Vic Vargas, Mary Ann Murphy

1969 – Bertong Ipu-Ipo/“Both XX” (Gilbert Roland Productions/Empress Pictures)

[release date 29th November 1969]

Director Artemio Marquez Story/Screenplay Rico Bello Omagap Music D’Romenz

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Jessica, Danny Rojo, Joaquin Pajardo, Leon Pajaron, Steve Alcarado, Mar Quijano, Bert Vivar, Er “Canton” Salazar, Julio Licmo, Jun Santos, Martin Marfil, Dolly Fuentes, Eva Marie, Marilou Ver, Mila del Rosario, Angelito Marquez, Ely Roque, Arminda Marqueza, Sinforoso Jorge

1970 – Terrible 3 (AM Productions)

[release date unknown]

Director Ben Feleo

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Johnny Delgado, Bernard Belleza, Jessette Prospero

1970 – The Three Kings (JBC Productions)

[release date 1st January 1970]

Director/Screenplay Sol Gaudite Music Demet Velasquez

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Philip Gamboa, Rebecca Rocha, Lilian Ramos, Jules King, Eva Marie

1970 – Ang Matitinik (Larry Santiago Productions)

[release date 2nd February 1970]

Director Pablo Santiago Story/Screenplay Tommy C. David Music Pablo Vergara

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Bernard Belleza, Paquito Diaz, Dante Varona, Lito Garcia, Jessica, Van de Leon, Victor Bravo, Eva Marie, Bobby Santiago, Rodolfo “Boy” Garcia, Lou Salvador Sr, Rebecca Gonzalez

1970 – Kapwa Limbas (RG Productions)

[release date 18th February 1970]

Directors/Writers Tommy David, Bien David Music Demet Velasquez

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Vic Vargas, Rosanna Ortiz, Rolando Gonzalez, Lito Garcia

1970 – Bagsik Ng Kamao/“Fury Of The Fist” (Gold Leaf)

[release date 9th May 1970]

Director Pablo Santiago Screenplay Tommy C. David, Antonio Pascua Music D’Amarillo

Cast Tony Ferrer, Roberto Gonzalez, Bernadeth Calove

1970 – Counter Attack (Leca)

[release date 18th May 1970]

Director/Music D’Amarillo Cinematography Edmund Cupcupin

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Johnny Caranza, Nancy Roman

1970 – Saan Man Sulok… Panganib/“Danger… In Every Corner” (RG Productions)

[release date 4th June 1970]

Director/Screenplay Armando Herrera

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Van de Leon, Rosanna Ortiz

1970 – Basta Bisaya/“Surely Visayan” (MG)

[release date 5th June 1970]

Director Leroy Salvador

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Von Serna, Gloria Sevilla, Cielito del Mundo

1970 – Wanted Tunay Na Lake/“Wanted Real Man” (JBC)

[release date 25th June 1970]

Director/Screenplay Sol Gaudite

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Philip Gamboa, Eva Marie, Lilian Ramos, Fredy Raval, Carmen Romasanta

1970 – Patigasan/“Who’s Harder” (RG Productions)

[release date 24th July 1970]

Director Solano Gaudite Screenplay Henry Cuino

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Jules King, Rosanna Ortiz, Lilian Ramos, Ernie Ortega, Robert Rivera

1970 – Paglaya Ko… Lagot Kayo!/“When I Get Freed… You’ll Be Sorry!” (RJ)

[release date 2nd October 1970]

Director Nilo Saez Screenplay O.B. Pangilinan, Nilo Saez

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Renato Robles, Thelma Kennedy

1971 – Boy Poklat (RG Productions)

[release date 18th February 1971]

Director Butch Bautista Screenplay Harold Clement Music Gel Cruz Cinematography Steve Perez

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Paquito Diaz, Reina Pimentel, Marissa Delgado

1971 – Encuentro Ng Mga Hari/“Encounters Of The Kings” (AG)

[release date 29th April 1971]

Director Butch Bautista

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Paquito Diaz, Reina Pimentel, Rolando Gonzalez, Max Alvarado, Lou Salvador, Panchito

1971 – Sa Kamay Ng Tatlong Takas/“In The Hands Of Three Fugitives” (JMJ Pictures/MG Productions)

[release date 28th May 1971]

Director Flor Bien Story/Screenplay Bert Mendoza

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Dante Varona, Romy Diaz, Yvonne

1971 – Habang Ako’ng Batas/“While I Am The Law” (RG Productions)

[release date 12th June 1971]

Director “Sol”/Solano Gaudite Story/Screenplay O.B. Pangilinan Music Gel Cruz Associate Director Johnny Capistrano Cinematography Enrique Rosales

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Jules King, Aurora Salve, Renato Robles, Omar “Boy” Camar, Ernie Ortega, Jun Satos, Alex Flores, Miguel Lopez, Rolando Gonzales, Robert Rivera, Tony Pomuceno, Jaime de Vera, Rey Sagum, Robert Miller, Lito Hermosa, Santy Hermosa, Joven Locquiao, SOS Daredevils, PMP Boys, D’R.G. Boys

1971 – Pepe Sampera (Reygon)

[release date 24th September 1971]

Director Nilo Saez Screenplay Jimmy Naval Music Joseph Mendoza Cinematography Eduardo Cabrales

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Lizabeth Vaughn

1971 – Batang Estero/“Child Of The Sewers” (RG Productions)

[release date 7th October 1971]

Director Jose “Pepe” Wenceslao Screenplay Joseph Nelson Music Demet Velasquez Cinematography Enrique Rosales

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Rolando Gonzalez, Reina Pimentel, Omar Camar, Ernie Ortega, Jun Santos

1971 – Kontra Hari/“Anti-King” (JMJ Pictures/Oriental Movie Pictures)

[release date 9th December 1971]

Director Solano Gaudite Screenplay Ernie Ortega Producer Mariano L. Bermejo Jr Music Demet Velasquez

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Pilar Pilapil, Rosanna Ortiz, Romy Diaz, Omar “Boy” Camar, Jess Vargas, Ben Perez, Marikit Liwanag, Ernie Ortega, Steve Alcarado, Leon Pajaron, Alex Flores, Charlie Oro

1972 – Battle Of Lingayen (RTG)

[release date 12th February 1972]

Directors Nick Cacas, Jun Gozon Screenplay H. Roxas Music Pablo Vergara Cinematography Zosimo Corpuz

Cast Roberto Gonzalez

1972 – Diego Condenado (Swanie)

[release date 19th February 1972]

Director Charlie Ordonez Screenplay B. Duenas Jr Cinematography Temmie Ongleo

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Rocco Montalban, Elizabeth Bankhead

1972 – Dirty Hari (Lea Productions/Ultra Vista Films)

[release date 28th February 1972]

Director Jun Gallardo Story/Screenplay Bert R. Mendoza Cinematography Steve Perez

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Jing Abalos, Eddie Garcia, Alicia Alonzo, Roderick, Sancho Tesalona, Fred Param, Rosa Santos, Primo Yumol, Lito Cruz, SOS Daredevils, Ernesto Santos, Juano Juarez

1972 – Escape From East Berlin (MG)

[release date 3rd March 1972]

Director Sol Gaudite Screenplay Greg Macabenta

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Gloria Sevilla

1972 – Lagot Kung Lagot/“Cut If Cut” (RG Productions)

[release date 7th April 1972]

Director Sol Gaudite Story Greg Igna de Dios Based on the Holiday Komiks serial Screenplay Henry Cuino Music Demet Velasquez Cinematography Zosimo Corpuz

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Jules King, Rudy Fernandez, Reina Pimentel, Emma Esmeralda, Desiree Destreza, Robert Rivera, Omar “Boy” Camar, Ernie Ortega, Jun Santos, Jaime de Vera, Rey Sagum, Tony Pomuceno, Ad Veloso, Anita Linda, Van de Leon (Captain Alcaraz), The RG Boys, SOS Daredevils

1972 – Jungle Fighters (Liberty)

[release date 24th April 1972]

Director Nick Cacas Screenplay Nick Cacas, H. Roxas Music Demet Velasquez

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Renato del Prado, Mario Montalban, Rolan Montes, Roldan Rodrigo

1972 – Ang Kamay Na Bakal/“Hands Of Steel” (MBM)

[release date 24th May 1972]

Director Sol Gaudite Music Danny Holmsen

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Rolando Gonzalez, Desiree Destreza

1972 – Walang Katapat/“Incomparable” (RG Productions)

[release date 9th June 1972]

Director Sol Gaudite Music Demet Velsaquez Cinematography Zosimo Corpuz

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Philip Gamboa, Rolando Gomez

1972 – Hari Ng Mga Simaron/“King Of The Cimarons” (Liberty)

[release date 30th June 1972]

Director Manny Songco Music C. Rodriguez Cinematography Temmie Onoleo

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Franco Rivero, Danny Rojo, Pablo Virtuoso, Max Alvarado

1972 – Kahit Saan! Encuentro/“Everywhere! Encounter” (Jun-Zen)

[release date 22nd July 1972]

Director/Screenplay “Jun-Zen” Music Demet Velasquez Cinematography Zosimo Corpuz

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Rolly Lapid, Johnny Caranza, Rey Roldan, Johnny Vicar

1972 – Ang Boxer At Ang Sexy/“The Boxer And The Sexy” (AA)

[release date 10th August 1972]

Director Leroy Salvador Screenplay Ross Oracion Music Demet Velasquez Cinematography Luis Chiong

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Alona Alegre

1972 – King Fighter (RG Productions)

[release date 31st August 1972]

Director/Screenplay Sol Gaudite Music Demet Velasquez Cinematography Zosimo Corpuz

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Philip Gamboa, Christina Reyes, Nympha Bonifacio

1972 – Walang Hari Sa Akin/“I Have No King” (MBM)

[release date 21st October 1972]

Director Sol Gaudite Music Danny Holmsen Cinematography Peping Austria

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Omar Camar, Nympha Bonifacio

1973 – Ako Laban Sa Daigdig/“Me Against The World” (RG Productions)

[release date 4th January 1973]

Director Armando de Guzman Screenplay Armando de Guzman, Cris Magdiwang Music Demet Velasquez Cinematography Zosimo Corpus

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Rosemarie Gil

1973 – Ang Barbaro At Si Genghis Khan/“The Barbarian And Genghis Khan” (Cattleya)

[release date 25th January 1973]

Director Danilo Cabreira Screenplay Bert Mendoza Music Demet Velasquez Cinematography Zosimo Corpuz

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Ramon Zamora, Carmina Perez

1973 – Taga-Usig/“The Accuser” (Jovan)

[release date 9th February 1973]

Director Sol Gaudite Screenplay Jerry Tirazona Music Demet Velasquez Cinematography Vic Anao

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Jing Abalos, Carmina Perez, Irene Ramos

1973 – Silang Mga Bayani/“They The Heroes” (Golden G)

[release date 2nd March 1973]

Director Jose Miranda Cruz Music Demet Velasquez Cinematography R. Buenaseda

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Philip Gamboa, Jeannie Young

1973 – Kamay Na Ginto/“Hand Of Gold” (Sikatuna)

[release date 15th March 1973]

Director Sol Gaudite Screenplay Cris Magdiwang Music Demet Velasquez Cinematography Zosimo Corpuz

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Rolando Gonzalez, Liza Lorena

1973 – San Nicolas (NGP)

[release date 23rd March 1973]

Director Sol Gaudite Music Totoy Nuke Cinematography Peping Austria

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Jules King, Desiree Destreza

1973 – Basco Silang (RG Productions)

[release date 6th April 1973]

Director Sol Gaudite Screenplay Cris Magdiwang Music Demet Velasquez Cinematography Enrique Rosales

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Rolando Gonzalez, Reina Pimentel, Eva Darren

1973 - Fist To Face (ESA)

[release date 23rd May 1973]

Director Charlie Ordonez Screenplay J. Tirazona Cinematography Joe Tutanes Music Geyju

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Bentot, Pugak, Jerry Pons, Ngongo, Tintoy

1973 – Digmaan Sa Paraiso/“War In Paradise” (RG Productions)

[release date 9th June 1973]

Director Sol Gaudite Cinematography E. Rosales Music Demet Velasquez

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Gina Pareno

1973 – Pugante: Numero 3-11/“Fugitive Number 3-11” (RG Productions)

[release date 26th July 1973]

Director/Writer Jose Miranda Cruz Music Demet Velasquez

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Dante Varona, Jeanne Young, Johnny Monteiro, Larry Silva, Rocco Montalban, Mar Quijano, Gerry Gamboa, Evelyn Zargarriaga?, Cora Santos, Dalton de Castro, Lyod Garcia, Lorena Avellana, Bella Flores, Prospero Luna, Pancho Pelagio, Rady Leonardo

1973 – Kaaway Na Mortal/“Mortal Enemy” (RG Productions)

[release date 12th October 1973]

Director Robert John, Johnny Capistrano Screenplay Roberto Gonzalez, Joseph Nelson Music Demet Velasquez Cinematography E. Rosales

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Rolando Gonzalez, Elizabeth Oropesa, Omar Camar

1974 – Tagisan Ng Lakas/“Test Of Strength” (Sikatuna)

[release date 24th April 1974]

Director/Screenplay Cesar Mella Jr Music Demet Velasquez Cinematography R. Dino

Cast Robert Gonzalez, Philip Gamboa, Rosanna Ortiz, Nympha Bonifacio

1974 – King Of The Dragon (John-John)

[release date 14th June 1974]

Director Chito Tapawan Screenplay Robert John Music Demet Velasquez Cinematography Enrique Rosales

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Rolando Gonzalez, Marilou Esteban, Omar Camar, Tito Arevalo

1974 – The Eagle And The Dragon (Silangan)

[release date 7th September 1974]

Director Chito Tapawan Screenplay W.G. Eusebio Music Sonja Cinematography Nestor Orense

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Virginia

1974 – Kill… The Carnapers (Cavite)

[release date 30th October 1974]

Director Jose de Villa Screenplay R.N. Galang Cinematography R. Buenaseda

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Helen Gamboa

1975 – Hell-O 400 Hour (Golden G)

[release date 19th December 1975]

Director Nick C. Cacas, Jun Gozon Screenplay Rodolfo Loraytes Cinematography Rolly de la Rosa Music Pablo Vergara

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Dante Varona

1975 - Subok Na Matatag/“Tested Strength” (Cubao Cinema)

[release date 26th December 1975]

Director Butch Bautista

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Rodel Vaval, Lorna Tolentino

1976 – Gold Cross (Golden G)

[release date 17th December 1976]

Director Nick Cacas Screenplay Jun Mariano Cinematography Zosimo Corpuz

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Philip Gamboa, Perry Baltazar, Eddie Peregrina, Rex Lapid, Zandro Zamora

1977 – Zabrosa (Juver-Junar)

[release date 30th June 1977]

Director Santi Verchez Screenplay D. Gomez

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Carmen Ronda, Edna Diaz, Dona Villa, Virginia

1977 – Karate Kung Fu Shaolin Masters (Larry Santiago Productions)

[release date 11th December 1977]

Director Bobby Santiago Screenplay Bert R. Mendoza Music Pablo Vergara Cinematography A. Alvarez

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Rey Malonzo

1979 – Scout Ranger (Golden G)

[release date 30th April 1979]

Director Sol Gaudite Screenplay Cesar Cabiles Music Totoy Nuke Cinematography Zosimo Corpuz

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Dante Varona, Zandro Zamora, Rex Lapid, Philip Gamboa, Roldan Aquino

1979 - Ahas Sa Pugad Ng Lawin/“Snake In The Hawk’s Nest” (Eldee)

[release date 16th August 1979]

Director Nilo Saez Screenplay O.B. Pangilinan, Antonio Hernas Music Demet Velasquez Cinematography R. Remias

Cast Roy Rustan, Elizabeth Oropesa, Laila Dee, Roberto Gonzales, Ramon Zamora, George Estregan

1979 - Deadly Fighters (Twin Dragon Films International)

Release date 8th December 1979]

Director Reginald King Cinematography Joe Tutanes

Cast Tony Ferrer, Roberto Gonzalez, Rey Malonzo, Erin Murphy, Romy Diaz, Tsing Tong Tsai, Don Pepot, Danny Rojo, Val Iglesias, Rey Sagum, Ben Datu, Conrad Woalkees, Larry Esguerra, Steve Alcarado, Danny Zurbano, Rocco Montalban, Paquito Salcedo [Max Alvarado – not listed on poster]

1979 – Objective 2400 (Golden G)

[release date 20th December 1979]

Director Sol Gaudite Cinematography Rolly de la Rosa

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Dante Varona, Zandro Zamora, Rex Lapid

1980 – Ulupong, Aguila At Ang Daga/“Serpent, Eagle And Rat” (RDO)

[release date 11th July 1980]

Director Johnny Wood

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Jun Aristorenas, Lilibeth Ocampo, Cristina Diaz, Rey Roldan, Johnny Madrid, Rex Lapid, Vanneza, Lopez, Amay Bisaya

1983 – Heroes Hill (Golden G)

[release date 29th September 1983]

Director Jun T. Gozon

Cast Roberto Gonzalez, Dante Varona, Rex Lapid, Zandro Zamora, Mario Montalban, Philip Gamboa