Sunday, January 1, 2017

My Writing


Arcana (Italian Horror, 1972)
The Arena (Pam Grier Peplum, 1973)
Avenging Warrior Woman 2 (Mexican Narco Action, 1991)
The Big Bird Cage (Filipino Women In Prison, 1971)
The Big Doll House (Filipino Women In Prison, 1972)
Bruka Queen Of Evil (Hong Hong/Filipino Horror, 1975) 
Caged Fury (Philippines Women In Prison, 1983) 
Cannibal Mercenary (Thai Action Horror, 1983) 
Commando (Hindi Ninjas, 1988)
Crossbone Territory (Philippines Action, 1985)
Deadly Commando (Philippines Action, 1981)
Death Raiders (Philippines Action 1983)
The Destroyers (US/Philippines Action, 1985)
Di Ingon 'Nato (Philippines Zombies, 2011)
Double Target (Italian/Filipino Action, 1987)
Dugo Ng Vampira (Philippines Horror, 1969)
Elvis And James (Philippines Comedy, 1989) 
End Of The Wicked (Nigerian Godsploitation, 1999)
Force Of The Shaolin Boxer (Philippines kung fu, 1980)
Fortress In The Sun (Philippines action, 1975)
Future Hunters (Philippines post-apocalypse-adventure, 1986)
Ghost Of Guts Eater (Thai Horror, 1973)
Goosebusters (Philippines Comedy, 1991)
Gunmaster G9 In Surakksha (Hindi Spy Musical, 1979)
High Velocity (US/Filipino Thriller, 1976) 
Hostage Syndrome (Philippines Action, 1988)
Little Boy Blue, Tiny Terrestrial (the Philippines ET, 1991) 
Masquerade (Philippines thriller, 1967)
Naked Vengeance (US/Philippines Rape Revenge, 1985)
Napoleon Doble And The Sexy Six (Philippines Spy Spoof, 1966)
Raider Platoon (Philippines Action, 1988)
Return Of The Evil Dead (Spanish Zombies, 1973)
Revenge Of The Zombies (US Horror, 1943) 
Robowar (Italian/Filipino SF Action, 1988)
Santa And The Ice Cream Bunny (Kiddie Matinee, 1970/72)
Small Medium Large: Fits All Sizes (Philippines Comedy, 1990)
Smith And Wesson (Philippines Action Spoof, 1988)
Strike Commando (Italian/Filipino Action, 1987)
Sudden Death (US/Philippines Action, 1975) 
SuperMouse And The Robo-Rats (Philippines Comedy, 1989)
Titans Of The Ring (Argentinian Wrestling Horror, 1973)
Valley Of The Zombies (US Horror, 1946)
Vengeance Squad (Philippines Action, 1984) 
War Of The Zombies (Italian Peplum Horror, 1964) 
Women In Cages (Filipino Women In Prison, 1971) 
Zombi 3 (Italian/Filipino Horror, 1987) 

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