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Talks, Lectures, Panels etc


2018 - introduced "Living Space" and hosted Q and A with director, producer, DOP and special effects expert, Myer Centre, Brisbane 14/03/18

2017 - Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF): panel member for "Secret Spies Never Die!" discussion on Asian Bond clones, and introduced "The One-Armed Executioner" restored print 26/11/17 

2017 - talk on Filipino Comedy and "The Search For Weng Weng" at School of Visual Arts, Manhattan, NYC October 2017

2017 - "Alternative Film Histories" final paper at the Sandaan: Philippine Cinema Centennial Conference, Manila September 2017

2017 -  "Filipino B Film Masterclass" at School of Asian Studies (SOAS), University of London, August 2017

2017 - Festival Nits de Cinema Oriental de Vic, Spain: member of the jury, and gave  "Filipino B Film Masterclass", July 2017

2017 - opening talk at Revelation Film Festival Conference, talked ona panel with festival directors Jack Sargeant and Richard Sowada, and emceed the "Top-Knot Detective" Q and A Perth with the director, writer and producer, July 2017
2017 - MonsterFest Travelling Sideshow at Event Cinemas, Myer Centre in Brisbane: hosted "Cage Dive" Q and A with director Gerald Rascionato and actor Pete Valley 13/05/17, and introduced "The Evil Within" and "Suspiria" 4K Restoration 14/05/17

2016 – introduced “Supergirl” screening, Archivo 1984 Gallery, Makati, Manila 13/11/16

2016 – hosted “I Am Not A Serial Killer” Q and A via Skype with its writer, director Billy O'Brien, and SFX doyen and puppet master William Todd-Jones, New Farm Cinemas 22/09/16

2016 - one of 12 speakers at Pecha Kucha Sunshine Coast #19, Caloundra Art Gallery 16/09/16

2016 – hosted “Bullets For The Dead” Q and A with actors Christopher Sommers, Vanessa Moltzen and Helen Howard, New Farm Cinemas 06/09/16

2015 - interviewed Kitten Natividad on stage, as part of "Bosom-Mania Burlesque Show", The LuWow, Fitzroy, Melbourne 04/12/15

2015 - interviewed Fred Williamson for "The Hammer" All-Night Marathon at MonsterFest, the Lido Cinemas, Hawthorne, Melbourne 27/11/15

2015 - talk on Pinoy cult cinema with Leo Katigbak and Manet A. Dayrit, QCinema International Film Festival, Quezon City, Philippines 28/10/15

2015 - member of the Circle Competition Jury, QCinema International Film Festival in Quezon City, Philippines, October 22-31 2015

2015 - emceed "Me And My Mates vs The Zombie Apocalypse" Q and A with the director and producer, New Farm Cinemas, Brisbane 07/08/15

2015 - delivered two lectures on Filipino film history at the Griffith Film School, QCA, South Bank, Brisbane 16-17/09/15

2015 - "An Australian Guerrilla in Manila" talk at Green Papaya artspace, Quezon City, Philippines 08/07/15

2015 - delivered "The Ten Commandments of Pinoy Westerns" paper at the Digital Divide conference, University of the Philippines Film Institute, Quezon City, Philippines 11/06/15

 2015 - Filipino B Film class at the Asia Pacific Film Institute, Quezon City, May 2015

2014 - moderated "Spook And The City: Hong Kong Supernatural" panel (Michael Helms, Christian Were and Michael Honig) at the Melbourne International Film Festival 14/08/14

2014 - delivered "The Art Of The B Movie" lecture at Silliman University, Dumaguete, Philippines 04/08/14

2014 - "Filipino B Film Masterclass" at Festival Nits de Cinema Oriental de Vic, Spain 17/07/14

2014 - introduced the preview of Elwood Perez's new film Esoterika: Manila at Fully Booked, Fort Bonifacio, Manila 31/07/14

2014 - "Filipino B Film Masterclass" at the Terracotta Far East Film Festival, London 27/05/14

2013 - emceed Beyond Zero Emissions fundraiser Q and A with "Generation Green" producer Laura Noonan and documentary subject Patrick Hearps, Brisbane 22/07/13

2013 - The "Cabin In The Woods: Allure Of The Cult" seminar with Todd Farmer and Dr Mark Ryan, Gold Coast Film Festival 20/04/13

2013 - joined Helen Yeates, Steve Saragossi, Shayne Armstrong and Mark Ryan in a RANTBrisbane talk about Brisbane Cinema, Paddington's Dowse Bar, Brisbane 03/03/13

2013 - hosted a Philippe Mora "70s Guerrilla Filmmaking" presentation and Q and A at the "You Don't Have To Be Jewish!" Film Festival, State Library, South Brisbane 16/02/13

2012 - hosted a "Tribute To Larry Cohen" night - Cohen interview, panel with Michael Helms, Phillip Brophy, and Jen and Sylvia Soska, Monster Fest, Melbourne 02/11/12

2012 - Lecture Tour of the Philippines: "Bamboo Gods And Bionic Boys" lecture/screening at UP Diliman 11/07/12, University Of San Carlos in Cebu 04/07/12, and UP Baguio 13/07/12; "Search For Weng Weng" talk at UP Diliman 27/06/12; "James Batman" screening and intro 12/07/12; and "Bruceploitation" talk/Game Of Death screening at JIV Manila Art Gallery 11/07/12

2012 - "Scary Movies - Why Do We Watch Them?" panel with Lance Sinclair and Dr Mark Ryan at the State Library, South Brisbane 19/04/12

2011 - hosted Q and A with "Human Centipede 2" star Laurence R. Harvey, Tribal Theatre, Brisbane 23/11/11

2011 - introduced preview screening of Jon Hewitt's "X", Schonell Theatre, St Lucia, Brisbane 22/11/11

2011 - co-hosted "The Best Of Trasharama-A-Go-Go" short film screening with Dick Dale, Tribal Theatre, Brisbane 18/11/11 

2011 - "Nollywood Boulevard" lecture at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery, New Zealand 28/05/11

2011 - hosted Queensland Filmmakers For Flood Relief screening, Brisbane Powerhouse 23/02/11

2011 - delivered "Last Tangos In Manila" paper on Filipino bomba and bold cinema at the Erotic Screen Conference at the Griffith University QCA campus, Brisbane 16/02/11, and at the UP College Of Mass Communication, Quezon City 23/06/11

2010 - introduced screening of The Room at the Brisbane International Film Festival 12/11/10

2010 - introduced "Pinoy Halloween" screenings at Asia Pacific Film Institute, Manila 30/10/10 and at Fully Booked, Fort Bonifacio, Manila 31/10/10

2010 - hosted Q and A with screenwriter Todd Farmer (Jason X, My Bloody Valentine) and producer Kerri Hill Grisham, Gold Coast Film Festival 14/11/10

2010 - Machete Maidens Unleashed! Q and A with Mark Hartley, Veronica Fury and myself, Brisbane International Film Festival 11/11/10

2010 - "Pinoy Grindhouse" lectures at Ateneo University, Quezon City 20/10/10 and University of the Philippines Film Centre (UPFI), Quezon City 04/11/10

2010 - three Nollywood talks at the Institute of Modern Art (IMA), Brisbane September and October 2010, and at the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA), Brisbane 12/11/10

2010 - introduced Lady Terminator and chaired Q and A with actress Barbara Anne Constable, Tribal Theatre, Brisbane 06/08/10

2010 - introduced Felicity and Australia After Dark, and chaired Q and A with director John D. Lamond, Tribal Theatre, Brisbane 05/10

2009 - "Aussie Sex Cinema" lecture at Bond University 27/10/09

2010 - "Australian Horror and Science Fiction Cinema" lecture at Griffith University Nathan Campus, Brisbane 20/10/10

2010 - introduced John Waters at the Brisbane Powerhouse 05/10

2009 - "The Great DEADbate" discussion on zombie films with Peter & Michael Spierig, Brisbane International Film Festival 08/08/09

2009 - Filipino Horror lecture for Roy Frumkes' horror course, School of Visual Arts, New York City 07/07/09

2009 - "History of Sexploitation" lecture at Bond University 23/06/09

2009 - introduced Pure Shit screening and chaired Q and A with director Bert Deling and actor Garry Waddell, Brisbane Powerhouse 15/05/09

2008 - delivered lectures on Filipino B film history at University Of The Philippines, Quezon City, and at the Asia Pacific Film Institute, Manila, both November 2008

2008 - lecture on guerrilla filmmaking for "Sound Image Text" course, QUT Kelvin Grove campus 15/10/08

2008 - introduced the Ozploitation Retrospective screenings and appeared on the Ozploitation Seminar with Brian Trenchard-Smith, Tony Ginnane, Alan Finney and Mark Hartley, Brisbane International Film Festival July-August 2008

2008 - talk on film collecting at the Picasso Exhibition, Gallery of Modern Art, August 2008

2008 - one of 10 artists featured at Pecha Kucha #6, Brisbane Powerhouse 25/06/08

2008 - introduced IMA's screening of The Holy Mountain, Dendy George St 21/06/08

2008 - introduced the Brisbane premiere of Grindhouse at Dendy George St 03/04/08

2008 - introduced the Brisbane premiere of Be Kind, Rewind at Dendy Portside 18/03/08

2008 - three lectures on Paul Morrissey at the Andy Warhol exhibition, Gallery Of Modern Art, South Bank 07/03/08, 16/03/08

2008 - hosted Sony Tropfest's Brisbane screening, Suncorp Piazza, South Brisbane 17/02/08

2008 - delivered "Bamboo Gods And Bionic Boys" paper at the Annual South East Asian Cinema Conference at Ataneo University, Quezon City, November 2008

2007 - judge on MUFFFY (Mondo Underground Film Festival Fro Young People), Sunshine Coast 2007

2007 - introduced the Brisbane premiere of Inland Empire at Dendy George St 11/07

2007 - hosted Schlockfest 2007 screening at the Globe, December 2007

2007 - Talking Pictures panel member "Exploitation of the Post Millennium" at Melbourne International Film Festival, ACMI Cinemas Melbourne 29/07/07

2006 - judge on "Show Us Yer Flicks", Queer Film Festival 2006

2006 - hosted the opening night of Bar Burlesque, Brunswick St Mall August 2006

2006 - hosted Schlockfest 2006 at the Globe, November 2006

2005 - judge on the BIFF Fast Film Competiton, Brisbane International Film Festival 2005

2005 - judge and host of the 48 Hour Fast Film Competition 2005

2004 - “Obscurist Film Activists Close-up” panel member, OtherFilm Festival 2004

2003 - “The Horror, The Horror...” panel member, Brisbane International Film Festival 2003

2003 - hosted the opening and closing nights of the Melbourne Underground Film Festival 2003

2003 - "MUFF Guerilla Filmmakers Forum" panel member, Melbourne Underground Film Festival 2003

1999 - conducted a short film workshop at “Weekend With The Works #1”, Sunshine Coast

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