Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Film Programming and Festival Curation


2017 - programmed the film component of the Kampot Readers And Writers Festival, Cambodia, November 2017

2015 to 2016 – programmed and introduced “Black Bison Film Lodge” monthly screenings at the Bison Bar, Nambour

2011 - programmed and introduced "Aswang! Filipino New Blood" double, Fantastic Asia Film Festival, Melbourne 13/11/11

2010 – programmed and introduced “Arthouse 101” and “Grindhouse 101”, fortnightly screenings at Tribal Cinema, Brisbane

2009 - curated "Wings Hauser Retrospective" at Melbourne Underground Film Festival, August 2009

2008 - curated "Ozploitation Retrospective", Brisbane International Film Festival 2008

2008 - curated "Ozploitation" and "Marjoe Gortner" Retrospectives, Melbourne Underground Film Festival 2008

2006 to 2011 – programmed, wrote and introduced Schlock Treatment weekly cult movies on Briz 31 community TV

2006 – curated Filipino B Film corner - "Bamboo Gods And Bionic Boys" seminar and “They Call Her Cleopatra Wong” - at the Brisbane International Film Festival 2006

2002 - curated and hosted "Sexy Australian Retro" at Melbourne Underground Film Festival 2002: four features plus seminar, special guests Richard Franklin and Tim Burstall, and a video introduction by Brian Trenchard-Smith

2000 to 2006 – programmed and introduced “Trash Video’s Film Club” weekly screenings at various venues around Brisbane

1997 to 2001 - curated and hosted "Eat My Schlock: Bad Taste Short Film Festival", Brisbane (1997 to 2001) and Sydney (in conjunction with Dick Dale and "Trasharama-A-Go-Go", 2001)

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