Tuesday, January 3, 2017

My Bandography


2003 to 2012 - THE VAGINABILLIES (vocals) Semi-acoustic cabaret version of They Might Be...
2000 to 2004 - THEY MIGHT BE VAGINAS (vocals)

1996 to 2004 - ESCAPE FROM TOYTOWN (drums)

1995 to 2000, 2011 to 2012 - BIG BONGIN' BABY (drums)

1994 to 1996, 2004 to 2009 - ALIEN VIRUS (drums) Cal Crilly's punk beast that will not die

1993 to 1994 - INVISIBLE EMPIRE (drums) Later The Lost Domain, I was one of three drummers, including Bettina Graham and Ian Wadley

1992 to 2000 - MR BASTARD (drums) Mega-chaotic "supergroup"

1992 to 1994 - QUEER (drums) First collaboration with Cal Crilly, featured Monty [Noose] Blomfield on bass and vocals. We recorded, toured, then Monty died...

1986 to 1988 - FETAL TRACKS (drums) Shambolic high school bad-taste punk group


2012, 2014 – GRAVEL SAMWIDGE (drums) Entire gig at the Beetle Bar in July 2012, and on “Tell Mum I’m Home” at the Time Machine, Nambour in 2014

2006 - IMPERIAL BLACK (drums) Short-lived line-up of Vaginabilly Robert E. Lee's ongoing "rawk" project, played two gigs only

2006 – The PINEAPPLES FROM THE DAWN OF TIME (drums) “Charlie”, “Freaky Acid Planet”, “Hey Roy” at Rod McLeod’s wedding, Holy Cross Chapel, Wooloowin 21/01/06

2006 – The BOONDALL BOYS (drums) The Sex Pistols’ “Seventeen” at the Troubadour, Fortitude Valley 10/06/06

2006 – The SHREWMS (drums) “Bangkok Lady Boy” at The Rev, Fortitude Valley 04/06/06

2005 - THE TWITS (drums/vocals) Guest vocals on “This Is The Show”, drums on “Scotty”, Pint On Punt, St Kilda 15/07/05

2005 - THE NUDISTS (vocals) Two gigs only as guest Nudist, but what a pair!

2005 – SUBURBAN NIGHTMARE (vocals) Sang 5 songs with The Hymies at the Dwarves Tribute at 610, Fortitude Valley 22/01/05 w/The Jennys, Feelin’ Lucky

2003 to 2006 - THE AUSTRALIAN GG ALLIN SHOW (drums, vocals) Vaginabillies plus JJ Speedball doing a tribute to the most degenerate punk rocker of all time!

2003 – The GAMMA RAYS (vocals/drums) Sang “Big Bottoms” in Prahran, July 2003, and drummed “Taco Nachos”, Rics, November 2003

2003 – MEMPHIS MAFIA (drums) A one-off Elvis Karaoke Band, Annandale Hotel, January 2003

2003 – The SAILORS (backing vocals) “I’ll Punch You” at Gazoonga Attack’s album launch, The Zoo, Fortitude Valley

2002, 2004 – SHONKYTONK (vocals/drums) Vocals on “My Uncle Used To Love Me...”, Prahran 2002, and drummed “Yabba Dabba Do”, Esplandade Front Bar, St Kilda, January 2004

2001 to 2012 - THEY MIGHT BE NEGROES (drums) Fred Negro tribute band resurrected once a year with Fred on vocals and the Vaginabillies on the rest!

2001 – DAYGLOW ABORTIONS (backing vocals) Sang “Stupid World”, Gabba Hotel

1999 – COOL MILLIONS (drums) at Beerstock 6. The Railway Hotel, Woolloongabba 27/03/99

1995, 2012 - ACID WORLD (drums) Ring-in drummer for several reunion shows

1994 – THE MALIGNANT ALL-STARS (drums) Improvised jam tribute to Monty Bloomfield, who had passed away several weeks before. With Cal Crilly (Queer), Greg Hilleard (Noose), Ian Wadley and David McKinnon (Invisible Empire) among others. Broadcast as a 4ZZZ Live To Air, Fortitude Valley 22/08/94

1994 – INVISIBLE EMPIRE (trumpet) Guest on “Louie Louie”, The Roxy, Fortitude Valley

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