Monday, January 2, 2017

Interviews with me


2017 - "The Search For Weng Weng Book Launch Q and A with Andrew Leavold and Michael Helms" on the Cult of Monster website, published 25/05/17 

2017 - "Exit Stage Zed Interview with Andrew Leavold" on Brisbane's 4ZZZ Community Radio, 08/04/17

2017 - "Andrew Leavold Talks Search For Weng Weng Book and Screening Tour" Skype interview with Monster Pictures' Neil Foley on the Cult of Monster website, published 29/03/17 

2017 - "What Began With Weng Weng: An Interview with Andrew Leavold by Kent Hill" on the Podcasting Them Softly podcast, published 23/03/17 

2016 - "Intervju Med Andrew Leavold - Mannen Bakom The Search For Weng Weng" interview (in English) to promote the Swedish DVD release, Pappa Alskar Film blog, published 18/10/16

2016 - "Trash Video Brisbane: What Happened To Andrew Leavold?" interview with Paul Syvret in Brisbane's Courier Mail 18/09/16

2016 - The Last Pinoy Action King interview with Miguel Rodriguez, published in the Horrible Imaginings Film Festival program, September 2016

2015 - "El Asombroso Coloso Filipino Con Licencia Para Molar!" The Search For Weng Weng interview with Domingo Lopez in 2000 Maniacos #48 (Spain), November 2015

2015 - "Remembering Daboy" The Last Pinoy Action King interview with Bayani San Diego Jr, Philippine Daily Inquirer 28/10/15 

2015 - "Documentary On Late Action Star Rudy Fernandez To Open QCinema Filmfest" interview with Edwin Sallan, InterAksyon (Philippines) 14/10/15

2015 - The Search For Weng Weng Q and A, Southeast Asian Film Festival, Singapore 11/04/15

2015 - "Film of dwarf ‘James Bond’ a global smash" interview with Scott Sawyer, Sunshine Coast Daily 19/02/15, p.2

2015 - ABC Radio interview with Ben Tupas on ABC Open Southern Qld, January 2015

2014 - Girl George Radio interview, San Francisco 28/12/14

2014 - "Searching For A 2'9" James Bond (And It Gets Emotional)" interview with Miguel Rodriguez on his Horrible Imaginings podcast 02/12/14

2014 - "Andrew Leavold’la The Search For Weng Weng Hakkında" Interview with Can Yalçınkaya on the Turkish website Oteki Sinema, published 26/09/14 (English version here) 

2014 - "This Guy Spent Twenty Years Searching For A Dwarf James Bond" interview with Emilia Terzon, Vice Magazine 05/09/14

2014 - "An Interview With Andrew Leavold" by Mike Haberfelner on his (re) Search My Trash website, September 2014 

2014 - "Little Big Man: The Andrew Leavold Interview" with Simon Foster for Screen-Space, Sydney 21/08/14
2014 - "An Australian Filmmaker's Search of Weng Weng" interview with Mairidel Martinez, SBS Radio's Filipino service, Melbourne 16/08/14 
2014 - "In Search Of Weng Weng, The Pint-Sized James Bond Of Filipino Film” Interview with Jake Wilson in The Age 07/08/14
2014 - "The Search For Weng Weng: An Interview With Andrew Leavold" by Chris Binding, Flickfeast 02/07/14 

2014 - "How An Australian Fell In Love With The Shortest Filipino Action Star" interview with Gelo Gonzales, published in FHM Philippines, 19/06/14 

2014 - "Creating Obsession: The Search For Weng Weng" interview with Undine Markus on Eastern Kicks website published 10/06/14 

2013 - The Momus Report Podcast #16 Kickstarter campaign; interview with Emmet O'Cuana, April 2013

2013 - Film Pulse Podcast Episode 62 Kickstarter campaign; interview with Adam Patterson, broadcast 15/04/13 

2013 - "'Obsessed" Movie Buff Makes Weng Weng Docu" interview with Bayani San Diego Jr, Philippine Daily Inquirer 17/03/13

2013 - The Projection Booth Episode 105: For Y'ur Height Only Kickstarter campaign; interview with Mike White and Robert St Mary, broadcast 13/03/13 

2013 - The Gentlemen's Guide To Midnite Cinema Podcast Bonus #50 Kickstarter campaign; interview with Tim Merrill, broadcast 08/03/13 

2013 - "The Wild, Wild Weng Weng" Kickstarter campaign interview with Bob Baker Fish, published on the Monster Pictures website 06/03/13 

2012 - "You, Me and Imelda: Brisbane Filmmakers' Unexpected Philippines Adventure" interview with Dan Nancarrow, published in the Brisbane Times and the Sydney Morning Herald 01/09/12 
2011 - “Human Centipede Sequel Crawls Into Brisbane” I’m quoted alongside BIFF’s Richard Moore on the Human Centipede 2 controversy by Katherine Feeney and Daniel Nancarrow, Brisbane Times and Sydney Morning Herald 11/10/11 

2010 - “Farewell To Trash” interview with Lachlan Huddy in August 2010, published in the first issue of Michael Adams' online magazine Wordy Mofo late 2010

2010 - "Andrew Leavold is a Film Fanatic and Avid Collector" hour-long interview on the ABC Radio show Conversations with Richard Fidler, broadcast 30/06/10

2009 - "Andrew. Trash Video, Film Making and Filipino Search for Weng Weng" interview with Ian Kath on episode 32 of Your Story podcast 15/03/09 

2006 - Bluebirds Of Peace And Destruction interview with Jean Nicotine in Rave Magazine 24/10/06

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